Seattle TPF Get Together 12/16 12-4pm

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  1. Hi ladies its about that time again!
    Saturday December 16th 12-4 pm.

    Hopefully more browsing :smile:

    Meet up at the Fairmont as usual at the lobby (hopefully the X mas trees are still there for charity).

    Leave your responses if you can make it on the thread!

    See you soon ladies!
  2. :yes: I can make it! Unless something unexpected comes up like work :cursing: or really bad weather like snow.
  3. Yay!! Come on ladies, let's do it!!! We had SO much fun last time...
  4. The Fairmont in the U District?

  5. I thought it was downtown?
  6. aww shucks. I think I'm on call that day- I hope you ladies have a wonderful time. I think the Fairmont is in downtown.
  7. Hey all, i just stumbled across this thread. I am planning on being there. Everyone enjoying the weather? I had to go into work today with all the ice, what a pain.
  8. For those of us who are challenged: 411 University Street.


    I walked to work today - live close to downtown, and made the 1.5 trek on foot. It was beautiful!

  9. Count me in ladies! Hopefully, this time I'll be able to go. No plans for that day yet!
  10. wow, a seattle pf meet and greet. i would love to come if i am not on call. sorry to here about your weather, I'm in NYC cruising all the great stores and enjoying their 65degree weather. but it's seatac tomorrow night.
  11. I am staying in today. Isn't it going to snow even more tonight?
  12. Laria, yes it is. The weather here in Seattle is truly scary. I have never EVER seen it like this. It was BELOW ZERO wind chill last night. Up north, it is even worse. I'm scared if this does not stop, people in places like Skagit County are going to DIE from this cold, since they have no power and the ice is so bad there, no one can get to them...

    We are housebound today just for our own safety... say an extra prayer for the homeless too- I heard the shelters are full and many had to stay outside last night. Any more days like this and they will be dying from exposure...
  13. Where I live is now looking like a ski resort... hopefully the weather will be better by 16th....:wlae:
  14. I was on the news last night! Here I was minding my own business, checking up on my car where I left it at a curb in my thing you know, Kiro and Fox 13 was asking about my winter experience. Anyway, that was pretty cool. It was a sheet of ice where I live and the snow has not melted! I wonder how it's going to be tonight.