Seattle snow day, girls check in with your pics!

  1. As our totally crazy winter weather continues, we had snow last night right at rush hour. It froze overnight and is slowly melting. This is really rare for around here and creates chaos for drivers, just because Seattle is very hilly in spots.

    But the snow IS fun for little doggies! :love:


  2. Ha!

    I knew if we got hit down here in Portland, you must be enjoying snow, too!

    A little wacky here, though. The conditions varied a lot and changed quickly. And - of course - there was the usual complement of wrecks on the icy roads as people rushed into work.

    Love the doggie pic!
  3. Rush hour last night was awful Leah! My hubby left work early and I was already home when it started- but a friend of ours was stuck in traffic for 4 hours on the icy roads going home 20 miles!
  4. Still need to take pics but thankfully I got home just in time last night. It was snowing on my way home and our bus driver said she was determined to get us to the park and ride one way or the other. The last time they had to let us off the freeway offramp. Today I didn't even bother coming in to work.

    PS- your dog is so adorable!
  5. Post some pics if you can!
  6. snowed here too! there's like two inches that stuck which is unheard of. even when the valley gets snow, we usually don't (ocean acting as an insulator and all)....i took some pictures, but they don't show how gorgeous it is. too bad all the roads are so icy. i'm hoping it melts a bit before i have to head to work...
  7. ok... most of our snow melted. we haven't had much at all, which is surprising.
  8. Your dog is too cute, Roo!
    We didn't get any snow on the east coast.
  9. WOW, snow on the BEACH!?!
  10. Great pics! I wish we had snow here in NY. I'm dying to go skiing!:yes:
  11. Your doggie playing in the snow is cute!

    I heard on the news last night that Orcas Island got 9 inches :nuts:

    I am afraid I don't have pics because I have not gone outside. But it was pretty when it was snowing last night.
  12. I was just out at the post office in downtown Bellevue. The streets in this part of Bellevue are pretty dry right now. I saw the cutest little boy in the post office, he had on a green and blue snow suit with green frog galoshes. :love:
  13. that was pretty much my reaction when i woke up this morning. :wtf: :nuts: = ilzabet :yes:
    hubs says we're supposed get even more tonight.
    this winter just gets nuttier and nuttier.
  14. Aw, your little baby is so cute out in the snow!

  15. Aww thanks. She gets all spazzy in the snow- runs around and likes to dig and play with her ball. She HATES the rain though!

    BTW, did you see I went to the post office? :graucho: