Seattle Shopping

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  1. Hi I am heading down to Seattle next week and wondering if anyone can give any insight where to shop other than Nordstroms and Barneys.. those seem to be the only I hit when down there and I am sure there is more to seattle than that! Any boutiques with designers like Cynthia Vincent or 3.1 Phillip Lim or Daryl K??? We will have a car so can leave the downtown core.. thanks
  2. What about Seattle Premium Outlets located about 35 miles north of Seattle (they have Movado, Burberry, Coach...etc)

    Broadway area (east of downtown Seattle) ...lots of consignment shops...boutiques...I'm not sure of the designers you mentioned.

    Good luck! Hope others from the area could give more insight. =)
  3. Go to Marios! IT's right next to Nordstrom downtown. They are the best boutique and have excellent customer service.

    Also, hit the N Rack in downtown--it is the best anywhere.

  4. Yes, I agree to hit Nordstrom Rack. A good friend of mine gets amazing deals all the time. Apparently there are 2 really good ones (I think one is in the burbs somewhere)
  5. ^N Rack in Downtown Seattle have some goodies...One of my friends bought a pair of Chanel pump for $89 there once.

    I was there on thanksgiving long weekend, and i bought
    1 Habitual Jean for $49
    1 Joe's Jean for $59
    2 Chantelle bra for $12.99 each
    A Juicy Jacket for $79, marked down from $349
  6. In West Seattle there's a great little store called Sweeties on California Ave.
  7. University Village has some great shopping too.
  8. Downtown Seattle: Besides Nordstrom, Mario's, and Barney's?
    Sway and Cake. It's right next to Nordstrom, one of the best boutiques. Sway & Cake - Issa - London, Lily McNeal, add
    David Lawrence - Versace, D&G, True Religions, etc
    Butch Blum - mostly men's stuff.
    Jerri Rice - various designers, great boutique!
    Riveted - sells only jeans. Lots and lots of really nice jeans.
    The Zebra Club
    I'm probably forgetting a bunch of places, but that's off the top of my head.

    If you go to University Village, the only place worth stopping at is Mercer. Carries stuff you'd find on

    Don't bother going to the Seattle Premium Outlets. It's crap and not even that good of a deal.

    If you can make it to Bellevue, stop by Derek Andrew. That's also a nice boutique, but nothing you wouldn't find in Seattle.

    PM me if you want more info.
  9. The big malls in Bellevue have the best shopping in the Seattle area.