Seattle Sample Sale Feb 16-17--Designer Denim

  1. The Warehouse Sale is coming to Seattle this wknd, Feb 16-17 and will be in Bellingham Feb 19-20.

    I haven't attended one of these before, so feel free to give insight if you've attended one of their events. I am definitely excited to hear about a Seattle sample sale since they happen so rarely.
  2. I went to one of the first ones in Seattle and I have to say it sucks pretty bad. Not worth going to at all. You have to really dig to find True Religions and Rock and Republics and even then they probably won't even have your size. I'm a size 25 and they had nothing good at all. Plus the prices weren't even that great. I think they still priced the TR's at $180. Oh, and you have to pay an admission just to get in!
  3. Thanks Love Savvy! That's kinda how I imagined it...kinda like a giant picked over Nordstrom Rack...right? :smile: Given they price some of their TR's at $180 just reaffirms there are SO many better deals online!

    So glad you saved me the trouble! Cheers!