Seattle Premium Outlets (Tulalip)and Malls surrounding it?

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  1. HI EVERYONE!! Just wanted to first say MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

    My girlfriend and I are planning to take a trip down to the outlets on the 26th. I know that there are a few other outlets that hit before Tulalip as well as a mall (Bellis Fair) but what if we go a little further than Seattle Premium Outlet? But before Seattle?

    We don't want to drive all the way into Seattle but are there any malls that are somewhat close to the Seattle Premium Outlet that are good? (Nordstrom etc) with the branded items?

    Thanks for help!!
  2. Alderwood Mall in Lynnwood is close-ish to Tullalip. I think it's one of my favourite malls. They've opened up a lot of new shops in the past year and it's become quite big.
  3. Alderwood is big but that particular Nordstrom does not carry the bigger designers. Are there any particular designers that you are looking for?
  4. How far past Tulalip is Alderwood mall?

    I'm just looking in terms of clothing: Designer jeans, maybe Juicy, not anything too extremely high end but just some designer goods. :smile:
  5. I just checked this on mapquest and it's a little over 20 miles from the Seattle Premium outlets to Alderwood mall. So, depending on traffic, about 30-45 minutes. Yes, alderwood mall has really grown and changed, but that Nordstrom, while very nice, is not going to have quite the designer selection you might be looking for...but in handbags they do have quite a bit of Coach and Kooba.

    If you really want to experience Nordstrom, please excuse my bias, LOL, but it's worth the drive to Bellevue Square or downtown Seattle (store 1!).
  6. I agree with PG... go to Bellevue Square. It's really not that far from Tulalip and worth the trip IMO.
  7. Bellevue Square isn't close or convenient to get to from Tulalip. You might as well go downtown if you're going that far.
  8. Seattle Premium Outlets is ~exit 202 from I-5.

    Downtown Nordstrom is ~exit 165 from I-5

    Alderwood Mall is ~exit 188 from I-5

    Both of those are conveniently on the way to the outlets.
    Bellevue Square is nice...but inconvenient to get to on that route!
    hope that helped!

  9. Um, must disagree. All the OP has to do is drive south on I-5, merge to 405 in Lynnwood and continue south. My guess is the miles to each location are pretty close to the same. The only difference is that Bell Square has free parking and downtown it is a struggle for on street parking or you pay a lot of money in a garage. I would choose Bell Sq just because it has more stores and is insulated from the elements. When downtown you have to be outside. We've had snow mixed with rain all week, so that's not a real great scenario.
  10. ^^^ Yes - Bell Square is nice and parking is free, but if you go downtown, you are only a couple of blocks from the Rack! Plus there's Marios, Barneys and Anthropologie. I always park in the Pacific Place parking garage - entry on sixth ave.

    Wherever you go, have fun!