Seattle/Portland area ladies, please check in after our big storm!


Apr 28, 2006
We had the worst storm in 100+ years here Thursday night. Hurricane force winds and major damage everywhere. 1 Million people were without power and as of today the total is about 250k. We just had our power restored after being off for almost 5 days. It has been in the 20s and with the lack of heat it was starting to get scary.

Please check in and let us know you're OK if you have internet access. We only have minor damage but there is major damage around us and to people we know. I think we're the only people we know who do not have a tree through their house right now... :wtf:
good to hear your okay roo! most of the major damage has been repaired here, but many many people lost their homes to fire or trees. there are still downed trees everywhere.

we were without power from 1:30 pm thursday until about 4:30 pm on saturday. there's still people in my county without power today. as i said a few posts down: i will never EVER take heat or refridgeration for granted again.
3+ million were out of power for several days last week in western WA.

About 1 million are still without power today (Mon 12-18).

Temps are in the 30s at night.

Think kind thoughts.
We just got our power on Mercer Island restored after 3 1/2 days today. I am so happy, we had to go do urban camping and I am really relieved to be home again. Many of our neighbors had trees smash through their roofs last Thursday. I am glad to hear others are o.k. as well. Anyone hear from Pursegrrl?
3+ million were out of power for several days last week in western WA.

About 1 million are still without power today (Mon 12-18).

Temps are in the 30s at night.

Think kind thoughts.

Thanks for the clarification on numbers. The 250k are in my area only, not state-wide :wtf:

Also Comcast cable is out... so Mr Roo is watching Lord of the Rings...

You ladies will laugh because we were ready to evacuate to a hotel tonight if the power had not come back on... and I had all my bags in a suitcase ready to go... :P
Here is a pic of the apartment building down the street from us:


Tree removal guys needed a CRANE to get the tree out:

Roo, I was thinking of you the other day. Glad you are OK. When we had the extreme rains here about 2 years ago it was horrible. Hang in there.
Hey all, I'm back after no power from Thursday evening to Monday afternoon (Kirkland/Finn Hill area).

It got down to 45 degrees in my house.
I had 3" of water in my garage Thurs night when the rains started, and I don't live anywhere near a flood prone area. Big drains in the streets further down the hill were super flooded and it just backed up way more than it usually does.

The power went out during our pathetic Seahawks game (guess that put me out of my misery after the flooding) ;)

I stayed up during the storm (bedroom on south side of the house) and was both terrified and in pure AWE of mother nature and the winds, which I know were not as strong as Andrew, Katrina, etc but still scary.

Elizabethk, so sorry mother nature rained on our tPF gathering (literally!!) with a vengeance this time. Here's to another try in 2007 and many more to come!!

I'm grateful my family and friends are OK after a few days of urban camping and cleaning up dried mud in the basement. I'm thankful it was only water and not raw sewage. I'm thankful my garage is now cleaner than it has ever been. I'm thankful for our work crews who busted their asses around the clock to get everyone back up on power (many thousands STILL are not).

My prayers go out to everyone for speedy power uppage, speedy home repair, and lots of warm love and hugs. The holiday shopping can wait - this REALLY put priorities back in perspective.

Hugs to all,
Pursegrrll, I am sooo happy to hear you are ok and go power back! Its been freezing!

ProfNot, out of curiosity what area are you in?

Roo, that picture is very similar to the house 2 doors down from me. The tree fell onto the house BUT luckily it did not go through. The tree is currently still hanging there, no one has come to remove it. I kind of think it is a low priority thing because it does not look like it will crash through, also it is not affecting any power lines, only the house.

Did you guys hear there may be another storm but not as severe? I thought I heard the news mention it.
Roo, I'm so glad you're okay! I'd been wondering how bad it was for you!

I somehow lucked out and kept power while pretty much everyone else I knew was without. And that was even with a big transformer fire down the road!

Friends (he used to be our rabbi here) came down from Seattle on Sunday. They were still without power when they left home. And their shul was packed on Saturday because the other two in the area were without power. It sounded like it was much worse up there.

One of my co-workers has decided that three days without power means it's time to buy a generator.....
I didn't realize it knocked out power at Mercer Island and Kirkland. I thought it was Bellevue, Bothell, and Woodinville.

Radiating warm thoughts to you all!

My chilly Willy is good, she was out of power but I heard from her on Sat/Sun
We were lucky and didn't lose any power, had a tree fall on a power line two blocks away and start a fire though. About a mile away the wind blew an older building almost all the way over, they just tore it down today.

Saturday night at work we had 2 transformers blow due to a transformer blowing about 15 miles away and starting a major fire. I had never heard one blow before, talk about loud!

I'm just happy we didn't suffer any damage to our place, and we're gonna stock up on safety supplies to avoid being caught off guard if this happens again.
Looks like we have more wind coming tomorrow. Not as bad as last week, but it may be enough to blow over the trees that are already weak.

If y'all hear a scream out in the northern distance, that'll be me. I just replaced all the stuff in my fridge and freezer that had to be thrown away after the power was out for almost five days. If we lose power again, I'm going to need a bottle of Jack Daniels.... :P