Seattle outlet?

  1. Has anyone been to the Seattle outlet? It's about an hour or so north of Seattle, I think. Is it pretty big? Any good deals? Signature stuff? It's probably about an hour and a half drive for me, not counting border crossing time so I'm wondering if it's worth it when I factor in gas prices and exchange.
  2. I was there in January...they had some GREAT deals...lots of stuff on clearance. I was able to get the holiday patchwork gallery tote.
  3. I've never been to that one, but I have been to the one in Burlington, WA (about 65 miles north). Those outlets have seen better days, as they're pretty old and run down, but they do have the Coach and a J. Crew next door. I got a wallet and a visor, the latter of which I ended up selling on ebay for about what I paid. Like most Coach outlets though, it was SWARMING with Asian tourists- I had a good laugh when about 5 of them in a row asked to see the 1 pair of sunglasses in the entire store, which they all put back after seeing it had a defect (as the lady explained, that's why it was at the outlets). lol

    oops- scratch th J.Crew comment- I just checked and I guess it must've closed.
  4. Thanks Shellbel and ValleyOppressed. Yes, it's the Burlington one I was thinking of. I just couldn't remember the name of the town and was too lazy to look it up :P . I'm dying to go but can't convince my husband we should make the drive.

    It's too bad the J. Crew isn't there anymore. I would've liked to check that out, too.
  5. Hey!

    I was *just* at the Tulalip (the one closest to Seattle) and the Burlington outlet up north. The one at Tulalip is always the most crowded, with a few pieces of signature, but it mostly focuses on plain leather. They had some really popular items, like the apple/lemon coin purses, the patchwork totes, and the zebra print totes (for 40% off outlet price! ~$120 for the big one!!!) highlighted. Mostly leather stuff though. Happy Canada day, btw!!!

    At the Burlington outlet they have a lot more signature print stuff- they even had some scribble hobos left as well as a variety of
    spring line stuff- a lot of wristlets left. They have some of the optic line left. If there's anything you'd like to know specifically, just let me know... Like I said, I *just* came back (42 minutes ago... :flowers:) and I might be able to recall if they had it. Personally, I love the Burlington one so much more... But they're really only 30 minutes away from each other. If you're at one, you might as well see the other!

    Sadly, two outlets and I only spent $17. :cry: Sometimes I hate my life.
  6. Wow, thanks Foxhunt! What a great coincidence :yes: . I didn't realize that the two outlets were so close together, and I'm really glad to hear that one of them gets lots of signature stuff.

    Did you happen to notice if they had any of the Hamptons business totes, either in black signature or in black or brown leather? Unfortunately they don't have a picture of the black sig or the leather ones on the website right now but it's this style:


    I suppose I could just call them and ask but I never seem to get around to it.

    Oh, and I almost forgot to ask - what did you buy?
  7. I didn't see anything half as beautiful as that! I adore that bag- I know I would remember if I saw it. I'd still call though- you never know, they might have one in the back that they were hiding. :smile:

    I found a little fruit cellphone lanyard. It's so adorable, but I was really hoping to find something more... I don't know.. Substantial. I was in the mood to really shop. :smile:
  8. I think I will phone them soon. I really need to make a trip down there! Thanks again for all the info :flowers: .
  9. My friend made the mistake of going to the Coach store at Bellevue Square first and finding a bag she loved and then she went to the outlet store and couldn't find the equivalent so she went back and bought the other one!
  10. hahah, I've gone on coach runs before like that... I'll start at bellevue square, go to Nordstrom's and Coach and check out what they have... end up at both the Burlington outlet AND the Tulalip outlet.

    Some of the greatest days of my life... lol
  11. You guys are dedicated...we'd usually go downtown to Coach..and checkout Nordstroms while we were there..but we'd wait til the NEXT day to go to the outlet!!!