Seattle Outlet

  1. Well, I tried to get a stock list of the Seattle Outlet for you girls since it's been brought up often. I asked one SA if I could take pictures just so I didn't have to stand around for an hour taking notes and while she said yes, evidently, photos aren't allowed (she didn't know either).

    I didn't have a pen on me and my memory isn't the greatest 'cause all the styles and prints start merging together for me. :sad: This is in NO means a complete (or even near complete) list, but here is what I remember:


    Mamma Mia

    Mamma Mia

    Mamma Mia (?)
    Luna (?)

    Sorry I couldn't be of better help; perhaps this could be a group project.

    It WAS confirmed, however, that they'll be getting Pirata (and Adios Star, I assume) in at the end of this month. :smile:
  2. Thanks, Megami!!
  3. ty! my sister wants an inferno campeggio in the worst way or stellina!
  4. also, i must find...a good job because i'm going to be broke. i need a denaro and caramella in pirata, and a zucca in adios star at the very least. (thank goodness i can pass on the denaro and caramella for that)
  5. thanks Megami! pirata, here i come! :yes:
  6. thanks megami!!! ;) so does that mean that paradiso/inferno --> 50% off and pirata/adiosstar -->25% off? HOPEFULLY!!! more paradiso for meeee... and i'd like a pirata ciao too...
  7. thanks for posting! :]!! maybe i'll finally get an adios star... hmm......

    wait, so they're not going to get in any biancos? i want one of those too!
  8. Oh, they very well may get Biancos in; I'm only assuming about the Adios Star since it came out at the same time after all. :smile: Only Pirata was specifically mentioned.
  9. ^good thinking! i totally agree and see your logic, haha! ;D!!
  10. but bianco was also considered a print that "came out" w/ amore too right? :hrmm: anywhoo thanks for the update :nuts: I really want a pirata but I don't know in what yet. I might bug them the moment they get them in... :lol: hopefully they'll have my ideal placement (even if it's so outrageous :girlsigh:)
  11. i'm hoping to score a porta n denaro ..AND maybe a but i'm satisfied with the pirata i have now =)
  12. YAY! I am trying to find that Pirata Corriere, and the main website can send me one still, but at full price!
  13. thanks for the great update, Megami!

    did they say when they'd be getting Amore stuff? i'd always thought that Amore came out around the same time as Pirata, Adios Star, and Bianco
  14. Amore came a while later... it's closer to spiaggia altho lesportsac never sold it :shrugs:
  15. I spoke to the SA in Seattle and she told me the outlet will not be getting any L'Amore. Seems like it's an exclusive print for Dept. Stores only. So, grab your L'Amore while you can. I know I am. :smile: