Seattle Outlet - WOW! Read This!

  1. I love the SA from Seattle! I called in a week and a half ago wanting to buy an Inferno Zucca - which they've already ran out (of course ... !!). Tiffany, the SA, was extra sweet. She took my number and promised to call when there are new stock coming in.

    So, guess what? She left a voicemail on my cell yesterday and told me gasp! They have the ORIGINAL PRINT tokis!!!

    I just finished talking to her and placing my orders for the Original Print Gioco (more on this later ... yes, you read this right) and the Bambione. And to those of you who needs to get a stock update, there are running extremely low on the Paradiso and Inferno so the best way to find out what is available is to call them at 360-654-3520 and ask to speak to Kathy or Tiffany.

    They have the following available in Original Print:


    All 25% Off Original Retail ....

    And I grabbed the last Gioco. Most of you who are Toki lovers will be surprised by this. Me too! I ask Tiffany to check and double check and even had her ask her boss. Did LeSportsac really produce a GIOCO in OP??? Well, she described to me what the Gioco looks like and her boss confirmed that it's 100000% Authentic and it just never made it to the stores/boutique. It's shipping out tomorrow and I will post pics when it arrived. Crossing my fingers...

    And these are the dates for the new print;

    June 28th - Adios Star
    July 13th - Pirata/Bianco

    They don't have many OP left so I suggest everyone call in quick if you want to secure a bag.
  2. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa???????????????
  3. that is so crazy...original print gioco?! who woulda thunk..
  4. WOw..shocker..
  5. you have to post pictures when you get it :yes:
  6. yes post pics when you get it! wow, you really lucked out! :yes: did all the OPs still have their original qees?
  7. Hmmm, Portotelefono? That was not produced for original print either. Maybe they mean angioletto?
  8. You're right! I asked the same thing too and she said, yeap, that's what is is, portatelefono. Now, I am wondering why suddenly the outlets are getting OP bags in later editions. I sure hope the SA is not ill informed. We will know when my *GIOCO* comes in. It's $120, 25% off, which makes it $160 - exactly what the Gioco retails for.
  9. lol:roflmfao: I tried calling and that line has been busy for 5 mins straight. Which goes to show we're all a bunch of compulsive Tokidoki-buying addicts.:lol: I'm giving up, I'm supposed to be on a ban from buying anymore old prints anyway.:rolleyes:
  10. thanks for the update!!!
  11. Oh wow! Busy line ... I was going to ask if the bags have Meomi or Dalek Qees which I have stupidly forgotten to ask due to my initial excitement.
  12. no meomi or dalek qees. tiffany said only white ones. i'm on the fence about getting the bambione i've wanted forever now...
  13. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    congrats pinkpeony!!!!!

    original print ... here ?? at the outlets ??? :shocked:
  14. lol i called n got the portatelefono..i asked if it it was like all the other we'll see what i'm actually getting! *crosses fingers for a angioletto* lmao...

    this is strange indeed....i hope u do get a gioco! but i really don't think it was made in that print! ahh so weird...

    i got my porta for $60 something total...she misquoted me for it at $51 n thus had to give it to me for that price! yay!

    i'm sad that they're selling bambinone....cuz i just got one a few weeks ago for over retail T.T
  15. Thanks .. oh well, it's alright I guess. And go get the Bambinone .. you might never get it again .. EVER ... EVER .... :devil: