Seattle outlet stock as of 10/17/07 day-end

  1. Hi all! I just talked to Kelly at the Seattle outlet (and yes, she was super nice :smile:as everyone else has reported) just before they closed for the day. I was actually looking for a regular non-Toki LSS print, but thought to ask about Toki stock -- just in case I want to get another Toki :nuts: oh noooooo. Anyway, in hopes this helps you find something you want, this is what she said they have left of Tokidoki:

    Fumo - Stellina
    Adios Star - Stellina, Gioco
    Pirata - Nuvola, Trenino, Luna, Corriere
    Paradiso - Luna
    Inferno - Luna

    Unfortunately they don't ship to Hawaii, but good thing I have lots of friends/relatives up there in the mainland lol.
  2. Thanks for sharing :smile:
  3. thanks for the heads up!
  4. The Adios Stellina does not open. My sister would have bought it except the zipper was stuck. We tried and tried, but I didn't want to damage it, so we gave up and left it there.

    They also have a some denaros (maybe a couple of fumo with Citta inside, and a few Adios Star) and a lot of caramellas (Adios Star) and possibly a few bracialettos and portatelephonos. You have to ask for those, though, and the box of them can't leave the register counter because of theft concerns.

    I don't know that this store knows the best what's going on, though. They said they have not received any Spiaggia, but they still seem to expect to. I thought it had all pretty much sold out and didn't think they would get any. Still, I'm on the call-me-when-it-gets-in list, along with others for the same thing.

    Where do the outlet store inventories come from, anyway? If there's only two on the mainland, do they get them from all over the US?
  5. Ooh maybe you can negotiate for additional discount on the AS Stellina. :tup:

    Then go home and apply a teeny bit of WD40 to the zipper with a Q-tip (careful not to get any on the nylon fabric) and voila no more stuck zipper. :p