Seattle Outlet Question

  1. I emailed the Seattle outlet the other day wanting to know what prints were left, and I never received a response. I know a lot of the girls here are in constant communication with the SAs there, and thought you guys would be able to give me a better clue as to what they still have left.

    Thanks in Advance! :tup:
  2. I emailed them, too, with a specific question and haven't heard back from them. Maybe it was a busy day?
  3. I always get a response from them... but their response is always to give them a call if I want to know what they have in their store. But why should I waste cell phone minutes when e-mailing is free? Argh.
  4. Ive emailed them and they never ever emailed me back
    and this was a while ago!
  5. yah I guess they only take phone calls then? Unless they emailed someone else ... somewhere out there ...
  6. they haven't ever responded to me either~!
  7. hmm weird ...
  8. yeah i just realized that i sent them something awhile ago, too and never got an answer. i just sent them a new email last night. hopefully they respond.
  9. they just emailed me back so it looks like they're responding.
  10. I had sent the email to all 3 outlets, and heard back from woodbury & linz already. (even tho i already knew what they had left at SH from the post here) I *NEED* a black camo bambino or bella bella!
  11. I've emailed, but it usually take a few days for a response. It's usually better to just call. You can always call on the weekends when most cell plans have free minutes.
  12. i emailed them n they responded initially since i was asking to purchase some inferno/paradiso bags...n they said it would be great if i attached pictures of the characters i wanted....i had a list of 5-6 bags that i wanted n they stopped emailing me after that. lolz. i think i scared them off!
  13. Pictures?? When I sent them a photo of print placement I was looking for, they told me they can't open it due to security reasons!!
  14. hmmm i dunno then! cuz they said it was okay..but i got no response after that. maybe it was because of security reasons?