Seattle Outlet and Corrierre Help!

  1. Hey Ladies!
    So.. my sister's friend is looking for something in citta or paradiso and i was wondering does anyone know what is left in stock still at the Seattle Outlet?

    My sister is going there next week and we don't know if we should wait for her to go or buy one off of eBay. Looking for a paradiso stellina in particular (are they still 25% off?).. or possibly a citta corrierre...

    which leads me also to ask.. does anyone have pictures of themselves holding their corrierre? is it practical for everyday use??

    Thanks in advance! :p
  2. When I was last there they were sold out of the paradiso stellina but they occas get more things in stock. They don't have citta and I am not sure if they ever did. The southhampton outlet had the stellina in paradiso (per an earlier thread) so you might check there. You can call and they will usually tell you what they have.
  3. kirkgirl - thanks for the info! i'm from canada so calling isn't too much of an option.. i don't want to rack up long distance charges lol. but i just emailed them (should have thought of this sooner) to see what they have! hopefully they reply!

    tehlilone - thanks soo much for the picture!! but wow it looks huge! i'm assuming its much larger than a stellina then? i'll show my friend the pic and see if she likes the style!
  4. Thanks for the pic Tehlilone....I believe that is actually big enough for me to use it for toddler stuff! Can you tell me...can it only be worn across the body or can you also wear it on the shoulder?

    Chancy....I spoke w/April at Seattle Outlet today and she said she's going to email me w/the bags/prints they have available hopefully over the weekend. I told her about your questions and she said no stellinas, no citta print. I DO know that they had corrieres infernos & I think paradiso's too.
  5. ohhh thanks so much annie b!! can you let me know what they have available when they email you? i'm in no rush.. my sister is going there next saturday so i want to know in advance so i can tell her what to get.. or possibly put stuff on hold :graucho:
  6. will do!:yes:
  7. any news annie? they still haven't replied to me :shrugs:
  8. sorry for the late reply... I haven't really been on here at all this past weekend. I personally wear it across body because of the strap connectors. They kind of work better that way IMO but if you wanted I think you can wear it on one shoulder :shrugs:
  9. imo...i think its meant to be across the body?? idk i didnt receive mine yet :sad: so yeah :lol:

    annieb: you sure its too big for your toddler stuff? :graucho: buy buy buy!

    corriere: 9 x 15 x 3.5 in
    campeggio:13 x 14 x 6 in
  10. No, I haven't gotten any emails from her. She said she was really busy. Maybe I'll email her today and see if she gets me the info?
  11. I think it IS big enough for toddler stuff? But, I want my citta rosa to be a more of a purse style....stellina or gioco....oh, I don't know anymore! Seems everything I decide on makes it harder for me to find it! This sux.
  12. hahahaha!! yeah doesnt it always! j/k ...heck i had trouble finding stuff ..but my toki buying has come to a halt for now :lol: see you online!! :graucho:
  13. vmasterz - sure you are done w/ your Toki shopping spree??? :graucho::p
  14. hahah i hope so? but now i want a foresta denaro :lol: