Seattle Outlet.. A lot Sold Out!

  1. Hi there. I just got off the phone with Seattle Outlet and they are sold out of the Stellina and Bambinone.. That was quick... Just letting everyone know.. I am so happy that I put the bambinone on hold yesterday even though the manager told me they werent allowed to do that. Since they only had a small amount and they was a high demand for the OP... This one will be my first tokidoki "small" bag... I hope I like it.. Because I hate small bags but it's the biggest they had... *crosses fingers* I hope I like it...
  2. wow. that was quick.
  3. :wtf: that was fast!!!
  4. You know what I think? The person I was talking to made it sound like if one person got the Stellinas.. Maybe one of the eBay snipers lurks these forums... It's a guess but I'll bet we will see a lot of these 2nd Gen. OP on eBay soon.... Because I called them 2 mins before they opened and they had none left... Oh well... I am trying to convince myself that the Bambinone is cuter and shows a more "clean" print... lol...
  5. Awww the bambione is all gone already? :cry: That was the only bag that I might have gotten.. since there was no Gioco anymore. I hope they get a new shipment!! Thanks for posting this!! :biggrin:
  6. oh i wanted a stellina or bambinone...grr...maybe it wasn't meant to be.
  7. I haven't even gotten to work yet, and I'm sure everything will be gone. I'm going to have to call a lot of people when I get in. Crazy!
  8. i might call after i get off work to see what else is left...only an hour or so left...good luck today crystal.
  9. No problem! But dont worry the SH outlet has some bags with the OP print.. They just havent opened the boxes to see what they have... I know they have a waiting list but I wish that they would say what they have... Because I would gladly sell my bambinone and get a bigger bag...
  10. I was the lucky one that got the last OP Bambinone:yahoo:
    I called first thing this morning and was soooooooooo lucky. I wanted the bee/fly/flying insectlike creature and I got 4 of them on the bag. One just below the small zipper.

    Now I have to wait for it to come.

    Wawahki and the collection keeps growing.

  11. I was on the phone with them when they told me that the last Bambinone sold... LoL I asked, how many are they? And she said 2 including yours, and then she said "oh no wait someone just got the last one." LoL I was unsure of getting it but thanks to you I did... Thank you, I think. :p I just hope my hubby doesnt kill me when he sees I maxed out my credit card... I'm scared! :crybaby:
  12. whoaaaaaaa maxing out cc's is not good O__O
  13. LoL tell me about it... But I still have like around $150 on it... It's just I'm addicted!!! I NEED my tokidoki fix... hehe.. I know he is going to have a fit because he's a cheapo but oh well. Plus I hardly ever buy things for me so these are my gifts to me... I'm still dead but maybe I can charm my way out of it....:graucho:
  14. ohh, that's not maxed haha...I have $1 left on one of mine...I thought you went OVER haha. My bf gets a lil pissy when I buy bags too...but well it's not going to get charged or shipped til beginning of July..(for SH) so I didnt' really buy anything yet haha...I'll wait till then to tell him O__O I am so broke. GRRR. NO MORE BAGS, PLEASE!!
  15. since i just bought 3 freakin bags from SH today...i probably wont buy anything in famiglia after all...blah -___-

    but OMGOMGOMG i can NOT wait til all my stuff gets shipped. TPF is gonna have an avalanche of pics from me, i can tell you that ;]