Seattle or Burlington Premium Outlet

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  1. I need your opinion on this one. I'm going to Seattle from Vancouver to visit a Coach Outlet. My husband wants to go to the Garden Show in the morning and then he suggested that we will stop at the Burlington Coach Outlet on the way back to Vancouver since Burlington is open till 8 PM.

    I also found out that there's a Seattle Premium Outlet as well but it's about an hour drive from downtown Seattle. Is this premium outlet on the way in to Seattle or on the other side of Seattle?

    Should I just wait until we hit Burlington or go to the Seattle Premium Outlet instead?
  2. i've been to both. the burlington one is smaller and the location is pretty much quieter compared to seattle premium. both are close to the border anyhow so stop by both locations if you can. :tup:
  3. Cool! Thank you for your response. I saw in the map that both outlets are on the way to Washington State Convention Centre. We can stop at both places. :smile:
  4. I agree. They are both right off the highway and Seattle Premium is somewhat bigger, but busier. I actually found more harder to find bags at the Burlington outlet a few weeks ago. Like the bridget and Legacy bags. I would stop by both places since they are both right off the highway. Good luck!
  5. My sister and I made a trip to Seattle Premium Outlet last month. We had a great time shopping. While you are there you can also check out Kate Spade, Michael Kors and Burberry. I think next time we will have to plan on going the extra distance up to Burlington -- it never hurts to check out more than one Coach outlet! Happy shopping!
  6. I would also recommend stopping at the store in Burlington. It is less busy than the store at Seattle Premium. Have a great time shopping!
  7. Thank you for all the response, ladies. :yes:

    My other question would be which outlet carries the most items and better selections.
  8. They have more variety at the Seattle Premium outlet since it is a bigger store. I personally, have bought most of my outlet buys at Burlington. I found that they had more variety in the clearance section at Burlington (but this is my personal opinion--I hope you hear from other forum members about this). If you are going down on the weekend, be prepared for some line-ups to pay at Seattle Premium Outlets.

    Anyways both outlets are north of Seattle so you can visit both malls as you head to Seattle. We always visit one on the way down and then visit the other one on the way back.

    Let us know what you end up buying!
  9. Thank you for your reply, Echo2. Knowing my DH, he'll probably end up stopping at Burlington as it's closer to home. I don't like line ups so I think Burlington might be the store to stop by.

    But then again, you'll never know. We'll probably end up stopping at Seattle Premium if we still have lots of time for Burlington.
  10. I would suggest you stop at the Seattle Premium Outlet in Tulalip (Marysville) first, and then the Burlington one on your way home. Like someone else said, they are both right off the freeway.

    Personally, I prefer the Tulalip one because it is within 15-20 minutes from my house. But one of the other mom's at my DS's taekwondo school loves the Burlington one. She says that the Burlington one is a "signature" outlet and that they can carry things that the Tulalip one can't because the Tulalip one is too close to some of the Boutique stores.
  11. Hmmmm.... now we're talking. :smile: My husband wants to stop in Burlington instead and I'm still trying to convince him to stop at both outlets. I have a feeling we'll end up in Burlington. But if I can grab the steering wheel from my husband, I will definitely take that exit to the Premium Outlet. LOL
  12. I just came back from the Burlington . We went down to go to Outback steakhouse for dinner.. & a quick stop at the outlet which is a few blocks away...I live in Cloverdale The outlet is open on Saturday nights till 9 PM.They had the wallet I wanted for 85.00, a dog collar for my Yorkie for 9.99, a leather picture frame key chain for 9.99, a mini skinny for 9.99........ a last minute drive & i scored the wallet I was thinking of looking on ebay for.........Strawberryblade..............If you ever want to do a Coach outlet run on a weekend . Let me know I'm never too busy to go..Joanne
  13. I do hope you get to stop by both. I had no idea they were so close. Next time I go I am hitting both, since out of the two I have only been to Seattle Premium.

    I can say that I have had really great customer service at Seattle Premium. They have been busy, but even so I have never had to wait long in line(if at all). Last time I went I took an hour to decide on what I wanted, but they never hurried me or got impatient(and all while the store was bustling). They were just as kind and helpful after an hour as they were when I first walked in. I actually was so pleased I wrote a letter to Coach letting them know how well I was treated there.
  14. I live up in Bellingham, which is about forty-five minutes from Burlington and an hour and a half-ish from Tulalip. I've been to both once or twice and everyone was really nice there. One girl at Burlington offered to do a search for a bag I wanted when I mentioned in passing that I was looking for one. It was slow so we sat and blabbed for a minute about some of the bad fakes we've seen on line. Apparently, a lady had walked into that store the day before with a horrible fake and the poor sweet SA had to go in the back to keep from laughing on the sales floor! :biggrin:

    I'm getting a nice return from my taxes in a week or two so I think I'll scoot down there and see what fun shinies I can score. Hehe! :3
  15. I'm going to try to make a trip to an outlet next weekend but I've never been to Seattle before. Can anyone help me with directions to the closest outlet from Vancouver? Also if I'm looking for particular styles of bags, should I call before hand and check if they have them, or have them shipped in from elsewhere, so they're there for when I go? TIA for any advice and help :smile: