Seattle Nordstrom Trunk Show Today

  1. The Walk Of Fame in coral was the winner in my book. The SA said all those squiggles were supposed to be the LA freeway! They had the Ice Cube bag in tote size which was pretty awesome...especially the handles....
  2. I love the coral color of that bag. Will you be getting anything from that trunk show?
  3. Denise emailed me about the trunk show and shared some pics which I will try to post later on - waiting for her permission to do so. It would be so nice to meet her IRL; I keep trying to picture what she would look like in my mind when we speak or email!
  4. I have always liked the look of that bag, from all the sneak preview pics floating around here! I like the larger tote size too. But everything I've seen so far has not killed me with desire...thank God...
  5. Roey I've only received a few emails from her but I agree! I'm like that with all of our helpful SAs :p
  6. Tell me about the icecube tote!? Size? LMK! Is it alot bigger then the flap?
  7. The tote is much bigger than the flap. All the bags looked better IRL than the photos I've seen. There was a blue sequined bag that was so pretty...there were several bags that had the Chanel label (tag) as the design of the bag!
  8. Roey I think Denise is a very pretty blonde. Although I use Danny I heard someone call her name and I'm pretty sure she was the blonde. There were some Chanel reps there and 2 models came from upstairs modeling Chanel sweaters in orange sherbert with airplane pins attached and a stunning sequined jacket with patent leather stilletos.
  9. ^ I always pictured Denise as a brunette! Danny is awesome; he is so clear about detail and description.