Seattle Nordstrom has Pyramids

  1. ... in FERRO and BLACK!

    Saw them today with my own eyes. I think they must have just started making the Pyramid in black, finally.

    If you're looking for these colors, give Nordy's in Seattle a call.
  2. Jane - I'll have to go look. I just adore Caitlin the SA over there, she is terrific! Have you looked at Mario's just south of Nordies on 6th? They have a decent selection. It is our only two around here...unless you know of somewhere else?
  3. I had no idea about Mario's! I'll try to check that out at some point.
  4. Yup Jane, they've definately started making black pyramids as well as the sloane, I saw them in Harrods yesterday. I wish that they would put the braided rings (like below) on the pyramid, it would look even more special!
    bottega cocker 005.jpg
  5. I agree! I would have bought the Pyramid in a hearbeat if they feature this ring that they have on the new Ball! It's gorgeous and I'm so over the moon with this ring. Somehow, this is holding me back on the Pyramid now as I'm always imagining that they will put this on the Pyramids in time to come! Why or why aren't they using this ring on the Pyramid.
  6. ^ I totally told this to my SA this morning when I rang to waitlist for the ferro pyramid. I suggested that he might drop some hints to TM on his next trip to vincenza lol, He said the pyramid would no longer be the pyramid with the braided ring "so" I said "just call it the new pyramid!" I asked him if they would consider sending the bag to Italy to swap the rings, but he said no way unless the bag was SO'd. Dang! there's no way I'd pay an extra 30% for a couple of rings, I might as well just buy some bracelets and hang them on the bag myself! lol
  7. Syma, good try, and thank you so much for trying. Still, I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

    :roflmfao: yeah, good idea!
  8. nero pyramid!!!

  9. Syma, I like the way you think! New pyramid for sure!
  10. Hi, Called them today, and they only have the black left. =(
    Am desperately seeking the new pyramid in ferro. Anyone have any ideas where I can find one?
  11. hi bagsrmytherapy, the bv paragon store will have ferro pyramids coming in after chinese new year. you might want to drop in and leave your name on the waitlist. ask for amanda, i find her really helpful. and if you are at the bv taka store ask for eden, he's also very helpful.
  12. Thanks so much, armcandyaddict! A glimmer of hope!
  13. you're most welcome, bagsrmytherapy. and please post pics when you score your ferro pyramid!
  14. Just called both stores - and they say they're not getting the New Pyramid in Ferro, just the Sloane!

  15. sorry to hear that, bagsrmytherapy. hopefully it comes in later.