Seattle Meeting!

  1. Hey everyone! I am a native Pacific NW girl who just moved back here after a 13-year absence (lived in SF). I actually hang out mostly in the LV board but I lurk here sometimes. I don't think there has ever been a Seattle LV get together (I went to a couple of tPF lunches in San Francisco last year). So what I'm saying is, is this open to anyone on the forum? :smile:

    I am in Kitsap Co. so I'd be taking the Bainbridge ferry across.
  2. I'm currently in Kitsap, too! Maybe I'll see you on the boat! :smile:
  3. ^^Yes, Yes, Jane! Greenleaf! We would love to have you! This is all about fun, friendship and fabulous handbags (of all varieties!) so the more the merrier! :yahoo:
  4. :crybaby:

    Take tons of pics please!

    Maybe next time we can move it down a little bit south so I can make the trip in one day?
  5. Oh, dear Candace...we will miss you something fierce, girl! Maybe the next meeting should be in Portland or Ocean Shores...(we can storm the casino!)....sending you, your hunny and your fur-babies big cyber hugs!
  6. If anybody is close enough and interested in meeting for a spot of lunch and a bit of shopping maybe...before February (I have a military school for a month and then a 2 week course right after that) Portland...that would be fabulous. I can come up after work at 330 or on the weekends :smile:
  7. Candace I'm game.
    How is your schedule?
  8. January 12, 2008.
    Sign in sheet here!

    1. Elizabethk
  9. Yay, a list!

    1. Elizabethk
    2. Katel
  10. This is my new favorite list!

    1. Elizabethk
    2. Katel
    3. harleyNemma
  11. Yay!
    If anyone has any marine boxcalf can they bring it pretty please I'd love to see it in person!
  12. It's open to any Pac NW'ers...chillywilly is usually in Chanel, and Pursegrrl is usually in Prada or we are an equal opportunity meetup :yahoo::heart::tup:
  13. Gosh, marine boxcalf....that would be something to see...or 1/2 a dozen black box H bags....
  14. Haha - LOL Ms. Enabler's not SIX YET..........I'll bring marine boxcalf, elizabethk :heart:

    and while we're making requests....I would ADORE me some shiny black chevre w/white contrast stitching baby.....pretty pls?? :heart:

  15. I'd love to see that too!
    There are travel watches and alarm clocks and gorgeous Hermes timepieces at Mario's.
    Other than that I don't know any other place that has H items.