Seattle Meeting!

  1. :yes: It was great meeting people who love bags. I had lots of fun and I learned a lot. I can't wait to attend another one. Now I am going back to read Harry Potter..... ;)
  2. I had a great time too. Nice to see you gals!
    Did everyone receive the pics? My outlook went crazy, sorry if u received many copies of the same email..:sweatdrop:
    Orchid, I couldn't PM u, let me know how to send u the pics.
  3. took me awhile to find the attach button...
    here are the pics.


    2007-07-21 163_600.jpg mickey pursemeeting_600.jpg
  4. Yahoo!!! :yahoo:Ladies, I had such an incredible time today and learned so much about H and more too, wow! You are all amazingly awesome and I wish we could do this every week!

    A quick recap of our fabulous day...
    - lunch at the Taphouse Grill (downtown Seattle)
    - essential stops at Mario's AND Barney's
    - and of course it would be so un-northwest NOT to hit zee flagship Nordstrom on day #2 of the anniversary sale! :tup: Where'd we hang out? Floor 1 of course, bags and shoes, with some serious drooling in the Chanel and Gucci boutiques. :drool:
    - Starbucks!
    - Barnes and Noble! A couple of us picked up the Harry Potter book and then we had to say goodbye...until next time!
    - Elizabethk and I made one final stop to drool in LV. Hmmm, I think I want a manhattan PM now, uh oh.

    Thanks to Orchids for organizing us!

    You guys rock.

  5. Wow, you guys look like you had fun....great bags and pics!
  6. ^^ we missed you, coldplaylover!!! We're gonna do it again later this fall/early winter for sure!
  7. Thanks for the great photos mychillywilly! Love the MM heads! LOL! We definitely have to do it again soon and CPL you will have to join us then!
  8. Hey everyone! I made it home. What a thrill to meet you all! I loved getting together with all of you and cruising the hot spots in Seattle. You are all super sweet and very gracious women. I've made some wonderful friends! It was so much fun despite the stiffling mugginess of the weather inside and out :sweatdrop:. Sorry I had to leave in such a hurry after the bookstore. Bob got downtown pretty fast and was quickly getting lost. Had to chase him down! Did you see that? :rolleyes:

    HEY! Our handbags were HOT!! 3 Birkins, an LV, a Chanel and a Fendi! Fabulous handbags! mychillywilly's photo (thank you for posting it!) really shows the difference between ElizabethK's and Orchids' stiffer togos and my slouchy clemence. We also passed around everyone's fun H accessories. So cute!!

    Afterward, Bob (who thoroughly enjoyed his 3 hour work out at 24 Hour Fitness) and I parked in Pacific Place and what was the first store we came across? Cartier! Saw their hot new bubble watch that they can't advertise OR put in the windows until September. I tried on the large rose gold/diamond version. 160 grams of gold! Reminded me of my round dial Pasha watch (and no discount) so we passed. But I ordered a new watch strap for the Pasha and replaced the faded strap on the spot for the Boucheron I was wearing (which matches something be bought later :graucho:) We also left with two huge promotional books for the new watch that they were handing out at Basel. Nice! Great staff who also gushed over Miss Birkin. (Well, let's be honest, who doesn't?)

    Next was Barneys. Orchids, I showed him the shoes you picked up, and he agreed that they were fabulous! Tried on some necklaces with the pastel cabachon stones. Pretty!!

    Then we hit Nordstrom and he wanted to see the Chanel bag I saw. The manager was still there and happy to see me back (she told me that we caused a BIG stir when we came through earlier!:nuts:). Bob and I enjoyed visiting with her and checking out her inventory. And wouldn't you know it, I found something to fall in love with! I'll post a note to the Chanel forum later with a link in my signature. Side note - Denise said she's only seen 3 other women with Birkins ever in Nordstrom (and always the same bags). We doubled her number of sightings in one fell swoop!

    Bob managed to find more shoes (no surprise). Then went up to my floor and found an amazing SA who must have seen me as a project and just kept bringing me more and more. Left with five blouses, a brown suede car coat and a cute Michael Kors swing cardigan. Arms full, we hoofed it across the skybridge to Gordon Bierch for dinner - bbq salmon was heaven! Drove home at 10:00pm if you can believe it! My head hit the pillow at 1:20am. Not too shabby.

    What a day!! Can't WAIT to do it again!! Laria, are you finished with the book yet? What is taking you so long? :p
  9. OFL, LOL--you are one serious shopper--a gal after my own heart. I saw that new bubble watch too! Isn't it incredible? :heart::heart::heart: I had gone in earlier to pick up a repair item and tried on the one in white gold with diamonds--TDF!

    Glad you had a chance to try on the jewelry at Barneys--I love their designers. Aww, thank Bob for the compliments on my shoes. I think this is the first manageable heel height from CL I own so I may have to go back and get the black ones.

    Can't wait to see what you picked up at Chanel!

    Let us know the next time you are in town; it was so great to meet you!
  10. Sounds like fun! Just moved this far west and am coming through Seattle in mid-late Aug... hopefully next time I can make the next GTG! Unless there are any locals in town? DH and I are driving down from Vancouver for some fall shopping then.
  11. Here here!! OFL, congrats! Now THAT's a weekend to remember :graucho:. Oh I'm heading to the chanel subforum right now...loved the bags you tried on!!

    Orchids, your new CL's are tdf. Ahem, I still think you need that Coffer m'dear....

    Doubled the H sightings in one day at Nordstrom?? woo hooooo. Who else but tpf'ers could pull that off??

    Love you guys,
  12. Just when I thought I was really going to make it, my daughter's team won their game and made it into the semi-finals that afternoon and we were up in burlington. so I thought of all of you ladies while I was sitting out in the rain feeling totally a mess but with evelyn on my lap to remind me of my other self. next time.
  13. ^^^Sounds a bit like me - both sons were double booked all day with b'day parties and my DH had to work and couldn't take over at noon - boy was I SAD. Sounds like I missed a great fun time; can't wait til the next one. :heart:
  14. PG, I'm still thinking about that red Coffer and cheating on H. :graucho:

    Katel and Loren- We'll be scheduling another one in the Fall. Hopefully we can get all of our calendars to jive. L, congrats on your daughter's win.

    Tweetie-welcome!!! It'd be great to see you when you're down. Just PM me or anyone else here in the NW!
  15. Well, a girl has to capitalize on opportunities! Bob is only in the shopping mood when we travel.

    So sorry we couldn't see everyone that wanted to join us. Looking forward to the next opportunity to get together, visit and shop!