Seattle Meeting!

  1. Hey everyone! We need to schedule a get together for all the Washington, Oregon, BC and wherevers that want to meet up from the Great Northwest!!

    Elizabeth and I have chatted and we think this is definitely needed! I figure that we need to do it in Seattle since there are more Hermes fans there than in Portland, so I for one am willing to commute.

    Shall I propose a date? Any problem with Saturday July 21st? How about a location?? Are there any Hermes scarf retailers in Seattle?
  2. I'm in absolutely! Seattle would be great. I have no idea if anyone sells anything H in Seattle. :shrugs: loren, katel, orchids, roo...where are you? can you come too? :tender:
  3. Hermeless In Seattle!!
  4. July is not a good month for me :crybaby: Summer is just crazy here, so best for me would be after Labor Day. I'll drag pursegrrrl with me ;)
  5. If I travel up into the pacific northwest, I will most definately catch up with the ladies here. *Go Ducks!*
  6. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    But not for long...they are landing in Seattle in 2010 I think in Bellevue. Goodbye tax free shipments from remote stores. :crybaby:
  7. Sadly there is no H retailers...yet.
    The closest was a knockoff Kelly at Alexandra's Consignment boutique for 200.00.
    Purple is a great place for drinks and small bites, Barolo for pasta and italian fare, and all within three blocks of Pine and 6th.
    And don't forget the new and improved Barney's opened this week.
  8. Barneys?? I didn't know there was a Barney's in Seattle! Maybe we should focus on that store?

    As for tax free shopping, the state of Washington still waives tax if you show your Oregon Drivers License when you buy merchandise there. And of course, it is waived if you ship to Oregon.

    If we postponed to the fall, I couldn't go. Football season, you know! GO DUCKS!! PrincessFrog, you're a Beaver!
  9. Hmm....If I can sneak across the border at that time I'ld def. join!
  10. I'm in for sure....July's not so great for me, however. August is better (except 8-15)... :wlae:

    We can make it happen if we keep at it, I know! :heart:

    First meet, big meet - the Bellevue boutique!! :graucho:
  11. Would Saturday August 11th be better for other people?
  12. Yay! Would love to join! I am not free on the 11th however, but can do the weekend before or after barring any unexpected trips between now and then. The new Barneys would be a great place to meet up and it's now just across the street from Nordstrom. No Hermes here unfortunately (save for some H-watches at Mario's). Cannot wait for the Bellevue location to open!
  13. Ditto on all counts. :p
  14. hey ladies!! elizabethk just pinged me on this thread...good thing too b/c I would have never seen this! I'm h-less (for now!) but would love to meet in Seattle!! July 21 should work for me actually!

    woo hooooooooo
  15. Okay, July 21st is perfect for me too. About the only free day I have all summer. Sad but true, we have no Hermes, but at this meet and greet we can plan a trip up to vancouver. Just tell me time and place and I will be there. Thanks for planning this elizabeth.