Seattle Ladies - THREAD Fashion & Art Show

  1. I just wanted to let all the ladies (and gents) in the Seattle area know about a show coming up next Sunday, April 22. It's called THREAD Fashion & Lifestyle Show and it's a fashion, art, independent designer show.

    It's going to be a ton of fun and I am SUPER excited to have been accepted as one of the indie designers. :yahoo: I was so nervous to apply!

    RSVP early and get discounted entrance. The first 250 people get a gift bag of free goodies. There's a Martini bar and a bunch of discounts on designer jeans (Diesel, etc).


    If anyone stops by PLEASE come see me! Introduce yourself - I'd love to meet some tPFers (since I never can seem to make the meet ups!). ​
  2. Just a reminder for you Seattle area ladies. :smile: This is going to be a fantastic show!
  3. I am not from Seattle but just wanted to say congrats, Megan!

    Indie designers rule!
  4. Wow Megan, congrats! How did the show go?
  5. Thanks, ladies. Actually, it was pretty disappointing as far as sales. But it was a lot of fun and I really wish I had gotten to shop more. There were some AMAZING clothing designers. I did manage to get a headband that is really cool - she actually sells on Etsy! It was so cool to meet her in person. Her leather work is really great.

    So...I think I'd rather go as a shopper than as a seller. There were a LOT of jewelry people and they bunched us all together, which was kind of lame. Although it would've been hard I suppose to spread us out since there were so many, someone would've been next to jewelry.
  6. Megan, sorry to hear that sales have been disappointing. Believe it or not, I was wondering whether you'd meet Kimberly Sun (I posted about her headbands in the Beauty Bar a couple of days ago and noticed that she was in Seattle).
  7. Sorry to hear that about the show, Megan. Hopefully they listen to feedback. :smile:

    I love Kim's headbands. Have one on my "wants" list for my hubby.
  8. It was SO great to meet her. It was so weird though...I saw her an I though "gosh, she looks really familiar" and then I saw the headbands and it clicked. I loved being able to try them on! :smile: