Seattle-ites: Nordstrom to open a "Gucci shop" May 7th

  1. In case you have not heard, Nordstrom in Bellevue is opening a "Gucci Shop" on May 7th. they have opened up a really big area right adjacent to the handbag department for the "shop".

    I think it is going to be really neat to have a nice Gucci source in this area. My very first designer bag was a Gucci back in 1984. Can't wait!
  2. by the way, for those outside the area who may be looking for Gucci, jot down the store's number for future use: 425-455-5800
  3. oh my gosh, so in time for when I move back to Bellevue in July.. yippeee, a Gucci very close by..
  4. Bluex

    Remember the area that used to have sunglasses in that store? Well they seem to have removed that wall and opened up that entire area behind that area and handbags for the Gucci shop. Sunglasses have been moved to the alcove where the concierge was near the mall entrance. I was just there on Friday and saw the construction. They have tarps over it now but it looks pretty big... big at least for us Washingtonians. :P
  5. Gucci and Prada are also rumored to be set for the Nordstrom Fashion Valley store in San Diego. However, I haven't heard about the expected date yet...
  6. this would be a good addition to the malls of bellevue.... more to shop from..... my bf will never take me to the mall.... i guess i wont have to say that gucci will be there.. hehehe
  7. I adore Nordstrom-the customer service is great.
  8. BLAH. How come the LA Nordies never gets the same high profile attention as the other Nordies.
  9. this is like GREAT news. :biggrin:
  10. I was in the new Bellevue Nordy's Gucci last night (friday 5/5)....they had opened a few hours earlier. We were buying a Juicy handbag and they told us to check out the new Gucci set up and so we did the transaction in there. Nothing very exciting about it but they did have a nice selection. They told me Fendi was coming soon.
  11. oh my gosh, Fendi, Gucci, hope they get prada soon too.. hehehe, not good coz they will just be several blocks from where I will be living.. hahaha
  12. i dont know why the nordstroms in virginia doesnt have a gucci boutique. :sad:

    it would do sooo well around here
  13. lucky you!!! Rock on!