Seattle and Print Placement

  1. So Seattle doesn't do print placement anymore? Is this correct? My friend called to put a BV Pirata on hold for me and a Campe for her. She said they couldn't do placement. All I care about is that my Pirate chicks don't have chopped off heads.
    :crybaby:If they do I will be kinda P-O'ed.
  2. That's what everyone seems to be told now... I don't know because they don't ship to Hawaii anyway! All I know is it had to be really recently that this happened because when the 2nd generation OP first hit Seattle, I called them and Crystal helped me out with print placement - unfortunately I found out the next day they don't ship here so it was all for nothing. :sad:
  3. Yah it was posted in another thread that they stopped helping with placement because they helped someone with placement and the person ended up unhappy with what they got and I think the SAs were a lil peeved because they had to run around searching for the "perfect" bag for everyone and then they encountered this customer who wasn't happy and I guess they felt all their hard work was for naught.

    That's the gist of what I got from the other thread.
  4. That really sucks! I mean no one is going to get the perfect placement! One person had to go and ruin it! I didn't know the story about it. I wonder if I am extra nice they may tell me if the one on hold has chopped off heads.
  5. Yeah, that's what I have been told by Seattle when I last placed an order. The SA did help me with print placement, but said they were no longer going to be able to do that going forward.

    I can understand if there are issues with people calling with unreasonable print placement requests, but there is no way I am buying a bag blind, sight unseen with them having a no-return policy. Usually, I am happy if just one or two characters (depending on size of bag) are on the bag, so I'm not that picky, but apparently some people who have called in orders have been unreasonable in their expectations.

    I doubt I will be placing any more orders there going forward if they truly have stopped helping with print placement. Especially, given the errors with my last order (see thread if you want the details).