Seaton or Harlow?

  1. Hi ladies,

    I've not bought a Mulberry in a little while, and really loving the look of the Seaton and the Harlow!

    Does anyone have either, and if so, what is the quality like? Is the leather as hard wearing as the old bags?

  2. awww, can't help you here but good that you are coming back to the Mulberry family :smile:
  3. Hello:smile:

    Both silhouettes are beautiful!! The Harlow is definitely a bit more decadent but a really fun piece to have in anyone’s collection!! It’s also such a statement piece that it’ll go with everything!! The Seaton is a bit less cumbersome to maneuver in and out of if you’re going to be using it as your go-to everyday bag:smile: Also, the leather in both styles is sturdy and well refined!!

    IMG_1537294881.054484.jpg IMG_1537294912.841391.jpg IMG_1537294951.721154.jpg