Seaton or Harlow?

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I've not bought a Mulberry in a little while, and really loving the look of the Seaton and the Harlow!

    Does anyone have either, and if so, what is the quality like? Is the leather as hard wearing as the old bags?

  2. awww, can't help you here but good that you are coming back to the Mulberry family :smile:
  3. Did you buy any of the two ? I'm hesitating between the Seaton and the mini Bayswater (probably zipped).
  4. I’m loving these two styles as well! Have yet to buy one though so would love to hear more on this!
  5. Seaton is a great bag, I have the mini and its easy to get in and out of!
    Harlow seems a little hard to close if you're in a rush. I've only tried it on in the shop though, so it might get easier with practice!
  6. I really like the Seaton and it looks great in real life. I’ve been looking for a chic top handle bag and the Seaton in size small is an option. The only issue I have with it is the handle. It quite short and you wouldn’t be able to wear it on the crook of your arm, but just hold it in your hand. If the handle was longer it would be perfect! Would also prefer the classic postman lock over the current style.