Seaton mod shots?

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  1. I really want to get a Seaton, but just havent seen that many around and can't decide between the small or mini.

    Has anyone on here purchased one? If so please may you post some pics? I like the dark blush but cannot find it anywhere online!
  2. That is soo helpful Matthew, thank you. I think I'm liking the small size, it will be perfect for an everyday work bag! Would you be able to post a picture of the grey one please? Is it a true grey? Thanks again!
  3. 9D109D1A-D68B-4108-8E42-F32B6A0E2778.jpeg I love my full sized Seaton and have used it everyday for work since getting it in January. It’s actually quite light for a larger bag, lighter than my bays. It’s normally slung over my shoulder in a more relaxed fashion than this shot. It also carries nicely on the arm and I can get it on in a high crossbody position if I’m travelling by bus and need more comfort/security.

    The small size looks really good too (top handle very nice) but wouldn’t have been big enough for me as a work bag so I’d definitely rule out the mini. However, I guess it depends what you need to carry.