Home & Garden seating for eat-in kitchen island


Jan 6, 2010
We are buying a home with a counter height eat-in kitchen island. The area is pretty deep and will accommodate 4 large counter stools easily. I just can't decide what kind to get. This area will be used daily and I don't want the stools to be so big and my kids have trouble pulling them in and out. But I do like the look of big fabric stools with high backs. Also, should I get stools with a swivel seat? I like the look of of the stools that are backless such as these from Ballard designs but will they be too uncomfy?

Also, digging these from Ballards but they are kind of trendy.

Any advice would be great! Thanks!!!


Jan 12, 2006
Here's my experience. . .
I like swivel ones, but the kids WILL swivel and bang the backs into the counters all day everyday. I know this because it's happening at my house and mine aren't that young, despite me reminding them all the time :-s
Also, fabric + spills = lots of maintenance.
You'll want backs for young kids that could lose their balance and if you think you'll spend a decent amount of time there, you'll need back support.
Just my 2 cents!


Feb 28, 2012
By The Beach
Congrat's to you on your new home, how exciting!
We have an island that seats 6. We started out with fabric on the seats but have decided that plain old wooden high back bar chairs work best for us. There is also a wood bar at the base of the chairs for little ones, it makes climbing up easier. We also prefer the backs for safety ...lots of boys in our home!
Ours are maple wood painted high gloss black, love them!
Good luck to you.


Dec 27, 2005
From my experience metal high back chairs that have a fabric seat and do not swivel have worked out well for me. I have recovered the fabric seat and added clear plastic covering on top of the fabric when ever I want to change the design of the chair. My sister has modern low back chairs that have to be the most uncomfortable chairs to sit in. Wooden chairs are not as sturdy as nice metal ones. Tree of my friends have various metal counter chairs and they all have had them for years. They have been spray painted and recovered but are still looking good with nothing broken. Another important thing is to actually sit in the chairs you want to buy. Many are uncomfortable. I was looking with a friend for new chairs and there are counter chair stores that sell chairs only and it was interesting to actually sit in chairs that looked nice only to see how uncomfortable they are.


Sep 29, 2006
Austin, Texas
I have 2x3.5 years old boys so swivel and fabric definitely a NO NO for us near kitchen area especially since I'm already a clean freak as it is. I bought similar to this style but in dark chocolate leather and no swivel. http://www.ballarddesigns.com/marcello-counter-stool-with-pewter-nail-head-trim/229465
You don't know how many times they spill things to the chairs since we got them last December but all I have to do just wipe them down. Very easy.