Seasons Greetings!!

  1. LOL...wearing flip flops in December is JUST soooooooo many ways....hehe jealous....snowy and cold here...bleck!!!
  2. (I can't see the photo.)
  3. I can't see it either Caitlin.
  4. Here's the view from my hotel balcony last Saturday night - the Xmas Pageant was on.....


    Notice the Club X neon sign? Yes, I'm living above a Porno store......for the next two months. Yay.

    Anyhoo, it's a beautiful 27 degrees here in Perth, Australia....that's 81 fahrenheit. Just perfect!
  5. Charles...I clicked on the link and it says the page could not be found!:sad:
  6. Here's my Xmas Tree, and me in front of it. They are the only Xmas pix I have so far...I left my camera at my mom and dad's the last time I was home:sad:
    Picture 549.jpg Picture 558.jpg Picture 582.jpg
  7. That's disappointing!

    Maybe try copying and pasting into your browser address field?

    We're super festive...I have like 4 more holiday greetings to come..
  8. Sorry, dude.

    Still not working.

    Can I post pics of the snow?
  9. Is the link still down?
  10. I can not see it either Charles!
  11. Happy Holidays to you, Charles! (I can't see the link either) I appreciate your contributions to the forum and wish you and your loved ones a great 2008.
  12. Happy holidays, Charles!

    Happy holidays, everyone!
  13. happy holidays charles! :flowers:would love to see your holiday pics, but i can't view them either......:sad:
  14. Charles, attach the pics! Would love to see!!

    Vlad and I will be posting tons of pics from Germany- we are so thrilled to be here during such a beautiful time!