Seasons Change !

  1. What Item or Items do you find yourself buying every season even thou you have a lot already ?

    Mine Items are, Boots and Coats
  2. definitely coats........i already have two separate coat closets yet every winter i find myself buying more and telling myself they're "necessary".......must stop the madness :sad2:
  3. turtlenecks .... got 'em in every color yet I never think I have enough ....
  4. Can my answer be everything??

    I tend to just buy too much "stuff".
  5. black shirts! I wear too much black.
  6. True, very true! Actually, anything black not just shirts :weird: !
  7. I've been going crazy with jeans lately.
  8. Skirts, sweaters and petit bateau tshirts.
  9. Sweaters and coats!:shame:
  10. cashmere sweaters and scarves
  11. Me too! I need more color variety.
  12. Definitely coats and jackets! I can't get enough, and feel slightly embarassed because my boyfriend only has 2 coats in our coat closet - and the rest is all mine :shame: !
  13. me too...i seem to buy coats! i have no idea why but i do!
  14. question is what do i not buy
  15. Bags :biggrin: I'm a designer sneaker whore too, love them!