Seasonality Questions

  1. When does Bottega Veneta introduce it's Fall line of bags?

    Will they introduce just a few new/special bags?

    I am not very familiar with how they work and I wonder if I should wait for the new season to see if something hits me. I love the classics, but I really liked the grommet hobo from seasons past, so I am wondering what may appear this Fall.

    Any scoop/thoughts?
  2. check out their website, it has a fall preview.
  3. Thank you!^^

    I must not have looked too hard when I was on their site.
  4. Summer, sometime. Last year, in August I bought a fall/winter bag. They don't get the entire new line at once--at least in the Chicago store, they dribble in. It's frustrating.
  5. I just went to Bottega today and let me tell you...she laughed when I asked about Fall. She said they are just now starting to get their Spring/Summer.

    Oh, and the grommet hobo...a big no more of those anymore in seasons to come...not coming back and no special orders at all! SA was quite sure of herself.
  6. I've been interested in BV since fall 2005 and have been following the line and regular visits to the BV store, and my Barneys has lots of BV. Alot of the seasonal stuff I have not seen them reproduce. I don't think they will reproduce the grommet line again. If you are interested, you can call the BV rep Anna phone on the website, and she can see if there are any available. Sometimes they do keep old stock and it may not have ever been on sale . . . seems like it is piece by piece decisions.

    I am learning to try to grab what I like that season because they may not make it again. I really liked the perforated styles from spring 2005 and bought one of those and matching accessories and last year I bought a tote that has an embellished scrolling (I don't have a camera or I would post). The tote sold out at full price and I know I made the right decision on that. Just recently I have checked out the BV auctions listed here and have seen some of the older pieces . . . Unfortunately all the ones I really love are the really $$$ ones lol. To me they have their basic lines, but they introduce lots of new styles each season so far as I have been watching.
  7. :yes:

    The boutique in Singapore is still in the midst of receiving their Spring/Summer orders too. Fall/Winter seems to be a long time away...