Seasonal leather preferances

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  1. I have been using my swift birkins (white, etoupe, black) for the last few months almost to the exclusion of my birkins in other leathers - I loved the feel and look of swift. My poor togo birkins, especially my BJ (my first birkin!), was totally neglected and sitting in my closet. So I decided to give my swift birkins a rest (back for a well deserved rest in their orange boxes), take out the togos for their airtime and now I am in love all over again with togo...


    Just wondering if fellow tpfers rotate the bags based on leather preferences or mainly on color?
  2. Very good question, I think. When I used to store my bags in their sleepers inside their boxes, I really didn't rotate much. But now that they are out and in all their naked glory sitting on the shelves of my armoire and in plain sight, I tend to rotate more and based on color first and then weather conditions.

    For example......while it's sunny and warm my combo Kelly and my Gold Birkin go out more than any others. In the evenings going out to dinner, either the Chocolate Constance or the Black Plume Elan go out. The other day it was overcast and cold so Vert Olive Kelly took a spin.
  3. archangel, that is your Rouge Garance Togo, am I right? It's beautiful! The red is so intense.

    Where I am has no seasons, so it's a situation I am not ever going to find myself, deciding a bag over its leather. Sometimes I try to match my bags with my outfit ... sometimes I don't care and grab the bag that's already sitting on the table.
  4. Hi Mssparkles

    yes it is rouge garance. The togo on this one is "thicker" than the bj so it has held it shape very well whereas the BJ is starting to "sag" a little.

    Well, you have the rainy season and the non rainy season...:smile:

    Btw I love your rose shocking fuchsia birkin too!
  5. I rotate style. I can be a Kelly girl for ages, then pull out a Birkin, Bolide or shoulderbag, and I suddenly don't want Kellys anymore for a while!
  6. I don't think I truly have a rhyme or reason to my bag madness lol!! I base it on comfort/leather/comfort/mood...and usually try to rotate at least monthly if not before....I wore my brighton blue bolide for 3 months in a row though! A record for me!
  7. LOL...I have carried my BJ birkin since I received her in late April...ebene kelly made it out for special one weekend...dinner in LV the next... I tried on a pair of shoes today that made me remember my black kelly...
  8. With the climatic changes these days, it's rain and no rain all in a single day! I'd to walk with an umbrella yesterday and of course my dear friend tricia had to ask what I was doing with one!

    Thank you. That rose shocking birkin is quite something.
  10. MrsS : Was it raining yesterday?? I didn't know that! It was hot hot and hot yday!
  11. You're so lucky to have a choice! It makes sense though, I think swift would be perfect for the warmer months and the intensity of colour in swift would work well in bright sunshine plus it's a lighter leather to carry and in grain size. Togo would lend itself more to colder months as shrugs off bad weather and has a more 'rugged' appearance which would work well in winter. I don't even have a Birkin yet, but a gold togo would be my first choice as it is mostly winter all year round in the UK!(not really!) plus the colour should work through the seasons and I am unlikely to have more than one Birkin but I am really starting to fall in love with etoupe swift though, lol. Maybe I need one of each; size 30cm for the summer and 35cm for winter, lol.
  12. It wasn't, princessfrog. That's why tricia looked at me funny. The weather's so unpredictable so I just armed myself with a brolly!
  13. ^^ :yes:
  14. toile in spring and summer only, for me!
  15. Oh archangel, they're so beautiful!!