Seasonal Job Openings

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  1. Thought maybe we could post notices of seasonal hiring announcements and opportunities as we hear about them. Public service for tPFers looking, not advertising for any particular company.

    First Up:

    Kohl's to hire 5,000, 10% more than last year.
  2. almost every retailer I know hires sept/October for the holiday season
  3. I have a job interview Saturday for Coach and this will be a seasonal position if I get the job!
  4. nearly every store in the mall or retail place hires seasonal help.
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    good luck!

    I actually asked my prior managers and one of them is thumbs up, the other (another store) maybe, but since one already says yes I'm ok, I just brought a bag and I know that they're sweet enough to offer discount but I want so much that it's better for me to have my own allotments to use rather then theirs, even though the manager I'm friends with offered.

    Barney's hr lady I've been in contact with prior to my promotion in current line of work (finances not retail) called me today and left a vm

    seasonal hiring definitely has started
  6. Yes the seasonal hiring has started. Anyone who's looking for a seasonal job in retail get your apps in NOW! Most places are already interviewing for seasonal jobs, however be forewarned you may not start right away you may wait a bit. Most places are getting the interviews out of the way so when they want to have you start they have everyone picked out.