Seasonal Handbag Cheaters

  1. Does anyone get bored with their handbag obsession when the season changes? Although it is only 12 degrees today the sun is out and it's a beautiful day!:yahoo:

    I've had the largest handbag wishlist all winter but this morning all I can think about are sundresses, cool jewelry, and vacations!! :idea: Shopbop isn't helping any either! Anyone relate? What are your spring/summer obsessions? Pictures welcome!!
  2. I keep thinking of my trip to Florida in March. I am counting down the days.....
  3. It's gotta be warmer for me to start obsessing about sundresses & sandals! I do pretty much all my vacation planning in Dec/Jan, so I've finished obsessing about that -- now I just look at the calendar and wist:girlsigh:.
  4. That depends on whatever I am missing in my wardrobe...last spring I was obsessed with jeans and within a couple of weeks I bought four pairs of 7FAM... I didn't care about bags at that time!
    Regina :flowers:
  5. season changes always make me want to shop for pretty new things
  6. It's a warm and balmy 20 degrees today and I tell you, I am so tired of wearing boots EVERY day since December 1st. I am *so* ready to go shopping for something colorful and light weight to wear. But you know what, a handbag always fits, no matter what.
  7. I really want some new gladiator sandals, it's almost 40 degrees today! It's hard to not think about the new season, fashions runs about 6 months ahead & all the warmer weather clothes are hitting the sites now (just posted how I rarely shop in a store w/ 2 kids in tow - mainly online shopping for me)

    I agree w/ h82bl82, a handbag always works!
  8. It drives me bananas when I see someone carrying a white LV Multicolore bag during the winter. It seems so summery. I have been dying to wear a sundress, though.
  9. Oh how I dream of capris and flip flops!!! Even though I totally love sweater weather, I am really ready for lighter clothing by the time February rolls around.
  10. confession... i cheated yet again... i ordered this today...:blush:

  11. sep, I think you need to come back to CA!! ;):supacool:
  12. This was actually the first year of having a designer collection.

    I am SO excited to say that now I have enough of an option in my collection to carry based on season. I have never even cared about that before, but well, look at what tPF did for me!!!

    It helped me become more "aware", I guess...of the whole "carry according to the season"!
  13. ok, it's not really "cold" here (los angeles) according to the rest of the world's standards... but it has been a bit on the chilly side in the past months and this week it's been better... so i've started to plan for the summer. (oh yes.. we only really have summer and non-freezing but cold to us winters).
    haven't purchased anything "summer" but i'm hoping it will stay warm consistently in the next couple of weeks so the shopping can start!
    so, yes, when the weather starts to change then there is definitely a need for new things!:yahoo:
  14. I'm like that as well. Right now it's' shoes.
  15. i know... i'm such a california girl...