seasonal hair loss

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  1. Do you have any , especially now that is Fall? What do you do? I keep vacuuming my hair off the floor, and I try not to brush too much because I feel bad. I pull hair band and it has tons of hair stands and I feel a little weak in the knees from the sight...

    Pls whine with me over seasonal hair loss...:sad::shucks::cry::hrmm:
  2. Well I'm experiencing EXTREME hairloss...but mine is port partum. Its gotten so bad that I'm getting 2 bald spots on the sides of my head. I was expecting it but not this severe! So although my isn't seasonal, I'm with you!
  3. Maybe yours is both, post partum / hormonal AND seasonal. Every year on the last days of Sept early Oct honestly I lose half my hair. It is soooo irritating. Plus I have dark thick hair that show on the light colored marble on the floor. I hate it...
  4. My hair falls out constantly anyway, but most of mine comes in the summer. I think seasons do play a big part in hair loss.
  5. My bold spots completely show although my hair is dark blonde. I have to resort to parting my hair to the side...the other day I was seriously contemplating putting m/u to fill it in :lol:...desperate times!!!!
  6. I started wearing my hair in a bun lately because the bun keeps them tucked, and at the end of the day I just clean the hair band. If I try to run my fingers between the hair I will get a handful of hair and I will faint.
  7. ^^Thats what I did today...but it doesn't make much of a difference b/c the hair would just fall out when I comb it later in the day. Sometimes I feel like fainting too! I'm debating getting camouflage the bald spots.

    Its so bad that my mom is going crazy buying all sorts of hair loss products for me. At this point its beyond normal. I've set up an appointment with the dermatologist to see if there's something else going on...or if theres something he can prescribe.
  8. Women's hair are growing back fortunately, it is not like men's hair, I had a big bald spot on the crown on my head years ago, and it grew normally after a few months. I highly recommend Chinese medicine, supplements & vitamins didn't work for me.
  9. Ladies...

    I began loosing a ton of hair earlier this summer. An insane amount. I thought it was related to how hot of a summer we've had. But even now that the weather has cooled, it hasn't slowed down. My pony tail just gets thinner and thinner. I did some research and started taking the Phyto supplements a couple weeks ago. And just today began using the shampoo and serum they recommend. We'll see if it helps.

    I know that I experience seasonal hair loss but what makes me even more neervous this year is that my mom lost all her hair last winter. They diagnosed here with alopecia areata. She now wears wigs.
  10. Happens to me too. it's frustrating to say the least. I think some seasonal hair loss is normal. If it bothers you, or you are concerned, make an appt. with a dermatologist to make sure there's not a bigger underlying health issue.
  11. I just noticed this week that I seem to be losing a lot of hair, mostly breakage though! It's freaking me out because of 8 years of bleaching my hair, I finally quit and went back to my normal dark brown in April and HAVEN'T touched it since. I was anticipating a total regrowth and strengthing of my hair, but now I am beside myself. I started taking biotin again, fingers crossed!
  12. I'm losing my hair like crazy too, but I have lupus so it comes with the territory. It comes and goes once or twice a hear - just as my hair starts to grow out, it starts to fall out again. My bathroom floor is covered in hair - it's so depressing.

    I've also been taking the Phyto hair supplement and biotin, but neither has been helping. Hoping it's stops soon. :sad:
  13. So sorry to hear about your condition! What symptoms do you deal with?
  14. My hairs been shedding too but I think it is due to stress. For me, the answer is a good cut. Got 2 inches cut off today so that the comb combes through and doesn't snag. Hopefully this will remedy the situation.
  15. Count me in too! I started losing a lot of hair around Labor Day. I'm taking vitamins and Biotin. I even went to the doctors and everything is normal. She told me that stress plays a major part too, however, how can I not be stressed when I've got a chunk of hair in my hands?