Seasonal Flap - To keep or nay

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  1. Do you all keep your seasonal flaps or just classic flaps? I have a red seasonal jumbo from 16C in lambskin, however somehow I found I did not much use of it and worry if it will go off fashion after a while. Well it will be off season after sometime. Do you suggest to sell it or keep it?

    Currently I have an eye on preloved Black reissue 225 flaps in distressed leather, do you think it is worth to get an reissue?
  2. Actually it really depends on how ur seasonal flap looks like. . There are some seasonal ones that are quite in demand. And i personally. . Prefers seasonal to Classics coz classics are quite boxy in shape n I'm not quite into that.
    Seasonal ones like the French Riviera, Casual Flaps and Easy Caviar etc are lovely pieces that people are still on the hunt for it. .
  3. +1

    i prefer my seasonal... they tend to have longer chains for crossbody and leathers that are more daily-use friendly
  4. This is my flap.. But I found the chain is slightly shorter than the normal CF in this case.. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459224816.518046.jpg and mine is in lambskin
  5. Well, try to put it up for sale and see what kind of offers comes in.
    If the price is right, then atleast you wudnt kick urself for selling it.

    I like seasonal flaps coz I can multi carry it and dun have to baby it as much as compared to the Classic M/L flaps.
    Reissues are good for everyday use too. Their leather is softer and less heavy.

  6. +1 again

    I just bought a pre loved 2015 French Riviera that I have been casually browsing eBay for some time. I prefer buying seasonal pre loved also because they are less likely to be faked.

  7. I say yeahhh! Keep it! I don't own a seasonal flap but yours is totally gorgeous! And I don't think it will go out of the style! It still looks gorgeous in time to come, be it the color or the style. Cheers :smile:
  8. Your bag is gorgeous.. Keep it.. :smile:
  9. Follow your heart, I think that's always best :smile:
  10. Keep ur bag! I have this exact bag in blue very lovely bag. In my opinion it's very identical to d classic flap. As a matter of fact I think this is d first time Chanel made a bag so identical to d classic. U can hardly tell from afar this bag is not a classic flap.
  11. Keep it means I need to save more for my next bag then... Hahahaha this is my first ever jumbo but I do think I did made a right choice with this as it is a single flap and with lambskin. It is even lighter than my m/l caviar CF..

  12. Wow twin bag.. Your blue must be gorgeous too. How often did you use it? Does it able to sUit your daily wear? Coz I normally wear quite casually.....Well it does look quite identical to the classic except the design on the flap. For those not familiar with Chanel wouldn't have known this is actually a seasonal bag.

  13. Thanks babe!

  14. Thanks a lot! I fell in love with it on the spot when I saw photos of it..... Just I found it a bit too dressy on my casual wear make it stay on my closet all the time. Maybe I should give it some time .... As I just got it in February.. I m still able to wear my m/l in black occasionally during night out.
  15. I have this in the smaller size pink/fuchsia and love it! Wear it all the time and it's my little pop of "lady" haha. Agree that it's fairly similar to the cf and find this bag to be a great size and super light. I also love the matte gold hardware on this bag.