Seasonal Denim Colors - Fuschia or Lichen?


Which Seasonal Denim Color Do You Like Best?

  1. Fuschia

  2. Lichen

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  1. Which Denim do you like more...the Fuschia or Lichen (Green)?

    I've been in a LV Denim Line trance lately and am re-thinking if I should have gotten the Fuschia Neo Speedy instead of the Lichen. Wondering if I should exchange =/.

    My alternate secret plan is just to hopefully get my dad to buy me the fuschia as well, cause I don't wanna realllly give up the green. LOL. But, yah just wanted opinions..

    thx! :heart: :love: :heart: :love: :heart:
  2. Another pfer swears she got the last Lichen in Miami.
  3. I love the fuchsia.
  4. I like fuchsia more.
  5. I also like the fuchsia more.
  6. I like the lichen- but then again, I'm always biased against pink bags.
  7. ummm....I'm old fashioned cuz I like the original blue best lol, but I chose fushia cuz it's my 2ndfavorite, good luck shopping:biggrin:
  8. fuschia
    OT: i gotta get a dictionary, I'm having a hard time figuring out how to spell that darn colour! :cursing:
  9. lol that's cute!:p
  10. I like the green, it's more versatile and I gravitate toward cool colors anyway.
  11. I'm not much of a pink girl and green is my fav color!
  12. Green..I have it and LOVE IT!
  13. I love both colors, but if I had to make a choice on only one color first I'd go for the fuschia!
  14. I :heart: lichen!!!
    esp. :drool: Denim Baggy GM in lichen!!!
  15. Definitely fuchsia. Here's a picture I just took of my Mini Pleaty (for the charms thread)