"Seasonal" colors?

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  1. I have an ice blue box that I am planning to sell, but I am wondering.... would I be better off waiting until spring or summer?
    Do you wear your light colored b-bags year round, and I guess more importantly, do you sell them year round? Or do you tend to buy seasonal colors in season only?
  2. I don't think it's a big deal to sell it now at all. Even people who want a "summer" bag will many times buy it in advance so they're prepared when summer rolls around. Plus, ice blue is one of those "most wanted" colors that a lot of people want an item in, so they're looking to find it whenever they can.
    If it doesn't sell now, you can always wait and put it up again.
  3. I am planning to sell my blue india box but I was waiting until after everyone had Christmas paid off. I think depending on where you are willing to ship, it might not matter. For example, it is warm in Australia now so maybe if you were willing to ship there, it would sell now.
  4. Hmmm... That's a good question. I've been selling on eBay for many years now and I've noticed sales are pretty slow at this time of year. Not only are people paying off X-Mas debt but Feb is also a short month. I have no doubts as to the bag selling - just not sure you'll get as much as you could if you waited until the end of March or early April. From my experience Spring is a *wonderful* time to sell sunshiny items! ;) People are very spendthrift and just love to get an early start on their Summer style.
  5. eBay is very quiet at the minute, so maybe wait!
  6. thanks for the feedback. I think I will wait until spring. And knowing me, I will decide to keep her anyway, or change my mind 100 times until then. :heart: