Seasonal colors: What do you think?

  1. Hi BV lovers,

    now that the purse forum is back again I can finally ask you: What do you think about the seasonal colors, like old petra or ottone or even carmino and ferro? Do you consider them to be "new classics" (excuse the term) and rarities or do you think that down the road they will be out of date, just stating the exact season you bought your BV-item, with no chance to be considered as classics like ebano or nero? One of the BV virtues that appeals to me the most is the longevity of style against the one season-trends.
    So what is your opinion?:smile:
  2. Excellent topic. BTW, welcome to PF and the BV subforum!

    I think some seasonal colors will be dated, but others will hold up well. I think Carmino and Ferro, maybe OP will look good years from now. Limo could be a classic. Blonde could be a classic--I don't know how it's selling. I heard Carmino and Ferro are flying off the shelves.

    Over the weekend at the Tyson's NM I saw a Veneta in Magnolia and while it was very pretty, I had no desire to buy it, even tho it was still marked at the old price.
  3. some will be outdated, others will be classic forever - like old petra... yum.
  4. Boxermom oh we missed each other. I was just there over the weekend too.

    I agree many will be classic-limo, camel and even carmino. I think red bag should be a staple for a well rounded handbag collection. However, some colors such as coral or parma (spelling?) should be considered seasonal and quite frankly these colors dont sing to me at all ( i hope i dont offend anyone who owns these color pieces, just personal opinion)

    off topic, I did try on a Ferro Sloane the other day and it was painful to put it down.
  5. I think it's smart of BV to keep the classic colors to a minimum - that way they can do various "renditions" of the seasonal colors (for example, add more red to magnolia to get quarzo, or perhaps one day they will come out with a darker limo, camel is a more subtle understated and lighter noce, IMO). I can see how there are so many neutrals that we can view as classics, and some they've carried over between seasons (like limo when it did so well SS07 that they carried it over to FW). With BV you can't go wrong with a neutral - I can't wait for their next rendition of dark charcoal or deep burgundy. But I think it's smart that they've kept classics to a minimum, from a marketing/sales sense.
  6. Oh my BV peeps!! I have missed everyone so!!

    Am totally there with Bunkie - I like that BV has kept their classic colours to the minimum, and play around with different colour palettes every season.

    Not only do they get to grow a new customer base with their classic colours, they also give existing customers more opportunities to buy styles that they like in different variations, therefore keeping their interest by giving them something new to look forward to every season!
  7. Hey Carolm, I don't think the seasonal colours will look too dated in the future but agree with everyone else that some seasonal colours like OP, carmino, ferro, camel, ottone will have more longevity than maybe some of the foil metallic colours coming for cruise. I think it depends on what works well with your wardrobe.
  8. To me, so far with Tomas Maier on board, most of BV's seasonal colours, have an appeal that somehow transcend time. Nobody does seasonal colours so well and so long lasting as Bottega Veneta.
  9. It's really interesting to read all those opinions from you BV experts! Thank you for taking the time to answer!
    So I think, up to this moment you all agree that some seasonal colours will last the test of time when others won't. I too believe that colours like carmino, ferro or old petra may have better chances than others, but maybe ottone is already a classic. Speaking of seasonal colors I just saw this veneta in the international site of NAP Now this is what I see as a limited longevity colour (no offence to anyone who likes it!) and did you notice the price? Is this the annual price increase?
  10. ^ Not a fan of yellow but I think the colour IRL is much nicer than what it appears on NAP. Rather jarring there. Seems like there's a price difference between this large yellow and the large Limo one. Wouldn't be surprised as
    i understand typically there's at least twice-a-year increase in price. :push:
  11. ^ Wow, I can't imagine the veneta prices going up from 910 pounds to 1015 pounds in one increase. I hope this is not true of BV bags :weird:
  12. I really like the seasonal colors. I have a purple BV in deerskin with a thick braided handle that I bought about two years ago. I wore it to work about a week ago and got a lot of compliments. I think it depends on one's personal style as to whether or not they can carry some of the seasonal colors in later years.
  13. off topic, I did try on a Ferro Sloane the other day and it was painful to put it down.[/QUOTE]

    Catabie, where did you see the Sloana in Ferro? Is it still available? TIA
  14. Yesterday Mystiletto was kind enough to ask about the availability of ferro in the US.
    [see thread BV Shopper, post 9]. Thank you Mystiletto!:flowers:
    It turns out that ferro is sold out in the US. I don't know about Europe or Asia, but I'm quite sure that it should be the same. Well, what do you think: Is it save to announce now ferro the best seller or maybe "star color" of this season or is it too soon? Do you like some other color from this season better? Do you think that ferro has the possibility of becoming classic?
    Glad to read your opinions!
  15. I am surprised that ferro outsold carmino because at least on this forum, everyone was hot about carmino when the fall collection came out. My thoughts when I heard about ferro was that it would be the perfect dark metallic--not black but still dark, not shiny but still has some sparkle if you look closely. I would say it has lived up to my expectations, and I could totally see it being a classic for yearround use.