Seasonal Chanel WOC


New Member
Aug 9, 2020
Hi fellow Chanel lovers,
i recently discovered the velvet wallet on chain with crystal ball in a Sydney store and was soooo close to purchasing! However, I decided I wanted the lambskin one more. I have been trying to track this item down to no avail... I’ve been to two other Sydney stores and the SA’s took down my details and said they would call me when/ if it comes back. (It sounded like they thought it would within a few months).
I have since called USA and HK Chanel and they said it’s a seasonal piece so they’re not sure if it will be restocked.
Any Chanel experts out there know if Chanel ever restock seasonal woc? I’ve attached a photo so if anyone knows anything about how I can get my hands on this bag please let me know!!