seasonal buying - does the color of the bag matter?


Dec 2, 2005
I think this is the most appropriate forum for this question - if not, I apologize in advance.

Do you think there is a strong trend for "seasonal buying" when it comes to the colors of handbags?

Would it be better to wait to sell a light colored bag in the spring, rather than trying to sell it in the fall? The specific color is a light terracotta color (Marc Jacobs calls it "faded brick", but it is really almost a peach color to my eyes).

Or is the whole "light colors in the spring, dark colors in the fall" thing out of date?

Thanks for your input!


Jul 25, 2008
Houston, Texas
My experience is that items sold in season fetch higher prices. Quite often out of season buyers are purchasing because the item is such a good deal they can't pass it up.
Mar 31, 2008
Yorkshire - England
I personally think the lighter colored bags are definitely for spring /summer. If you look at bags listed now there are loads of cream/white etc without bids on.

I would wait till next spring.