Seasonal BBag colors???

  1. I have a question.....I was wondering if you use your BBags seasonally by colors?

    Do you live in a climate where you feel like you can carry all of the different colors of your bags all year long? Or do you just carry the same one all the time regardless of weather or temperature?

    I live in Minneapolis and it is literally 8 below today. My Red BBag seems a little too RED for today. Now I really need a Black BBag.... I feel like I need lots of colors to be able to deal with the weather in my city.

    This is going to be a really expensive issue to deal with ....

    .:crybaby: :yes: :roflmfao:
  2. I did think about the seasonal aspects of bal colors! But my collection is so small that my color choices have been for all seasons. So I have Marron, Greige, Rouille, Olive -- with an Anthracite coming soon, and an Ink coming sooner.

    I can see what you mean about the weather -- my step-sister lives in Minneapolis, and even though she doesn't have bbags (unless you're her!), I hear about how it influences a lot of her color choices in clothes. Some days are just not right for all colors!

    And I've always thought I should live near the beach to do the magenta, turquoise, seafoam, etc.
  3. I live in Paris and in winter it's really cold I love to wear dark colors for the moment like truffle, black and dark brown but I think it depends of what your wearing cause my sister has a rouge vif city and it looks fabulous in winter, for me true red is definitly a winter color but pink, light green, greige are summer colors.
    I think it depends of your mood and your outfit the rest is just not important ( but that's my personal opinion)
  4. It was ZERO this morning when I woke up...brrrrrr! Anyway, I never, ever use the seasons as a reason to carry the color of bag - I go with my outfit and the occasion first. That said - yes:yes: you do need a black bag! Black is so classic, if I CANNNOT decide, I grab the black city! :yahoo:
  5. The problem is that my outfits have to include a proper coat so that I don't freeze to death and my RED bag doesn't really go with my cute down or sheepskin coats.

    Bottom line...I need a Black City and actually a Brown BBag of some sort to deal with this....
  6. I hear you... I live in Michigan where it is sub zero this weekend... I feel like I can only get away with darker colors right now... but I would really love to get something in turquoise... But for now, my everyday bags will be in the darker color families....

    I think that turquoise is going to have to wait until it gets warmer. ;)
  7. That's funny - it hasn't been that cold in the UK yet (we had some ice last week, but nothing like it used to be, thank you climate change), and I find it makes me want to carry my brigth bags even more. Nothing makes me smile in winter like a nice bright splotch of colour, and my bbags are perfect for it.
  8. Yes, the black city is always classic if you can't decide. I live in FL and feel like I can't carry my lilac 06 in the winter months. My cornflower, white, and black will go year-round, however (now that white is also a winter color).
  9. I choose my bag based on my outfit, not by season.
  11. I live in Southern CA and I had asked this question when I bought my first B-bag last August. I got lots of good advice from gals in the sunnier climates that they can be worn all year long, and thats what I do!!! Just took out my Bubblegum Pink today, and I have been using my Turquoise since I bought it, and the same with my Magenta bag!!!! I love it, and may never be able to move because of them!!!!