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  1. This is my first post - I just bought an ink messenger (I think that is the style - goes over your shoulder and more of an oblong shape). You all have been so helpful in helping make this purchase. I also really liked the red color but wasn't sure if the city style fitted easily under your shoulder. Can you guys answer two questions:
    1) Does the city fit easily over a shoulder with a coat?
    2) If I don't buy the red this fall, will I be able to get it later this year or even early next year? I just also purchased a chloe within the last 2 months and have to pace myself.

  2. The city has a longer strap that will definitely fit over a winter coat, but I'm almost positive the handles won't unless you have teeny-tiny arms or it stretches out A LOT. The rouge vif (red) that you refer to is very popular, so it may not be availabe later. Just my opinion though! Hope this helps!
  3. thanks - this helps. Do you know about the shoulder strap lengths on the city vs. the purse? I am thinking if I won't be using it except over the shoulder, I don't need the short handles in the way on the city. thanks for any help you can give me.
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