Season to we just wait??

  1. Ladies,

    This is my first season of BBags so I have a question regarding the color madness.

    Once the madness dies down over the collection colors and we've all purchased the things that we want do we just wait until fall for the new colors to come out? Is that how this works? Do other surprise colors come out in between?

    When do fall colors come out? TIA......
  2. Here you go sweetie - as far as when they come out to buy? :crybaby:wahhhhh I don't know!
    [​IMG] from ateliernaff !
  3. That would be so nice! Was Blue India a surprise color, I don't remember it being in early lists?
  4. why don't they do bright colors the 05 apple green or bubblegum...those are super cute!! i guess i'll just have to wait -_-"
  5. I think they only do a few brights per season. This spring there was french blue, aquamarine, and vert gazon. I think they tend to do fewer bright colors during the fall - and the ones they have here are red and rouille (nothing new, so its not exciting). I am guessing that there might be at least one new, exciting color in the holiday/winter collection.
  6. Aside from the season and color forecast for the clothing line, I think this is purely economics. They just keep creating new colors so we poor addicts just keep on buying the colors that we still do not have. :blink:
  7. Blue India was not a surprise color. The closest thing I can think of to a "surprise" color is when they do limited editions for a particular store, like they did in England with the Gold Part-Time.