Season Explained

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  1. Can anyone please tell me what does 10A, 10P, 10C means? thank you
  2. 10A - 2010 automne (fall)
    10P - 2010 Printemps (Spring)
    10C- 2010 Cruise

    Cruise is between fall/winter and summer/spring seasons and was meant originally designed for wealthy clients to take on cruises.
  3. ^ This information is very useful for the new Chanel fans and should be in the Chanel reference together with reference for Chanel classic bag dimension and all! :tup:

    Just my 2 cents..
  4. ^^ Great :idea: Added!
  5. Thanks for posting! I've always been curious..
  6. May I ask for anyone advise?....

    I have one Chanel classic flap which is a seasonal bag I bought in year 2000 from NM, the seasonal code is T (00T...), what is "T" stands for? Thank you all...:cutesy:

    I know
    A = Fall
    P = Spring
    S = Summer
    C = Cruise... etc. etc.
  7. ^I have never seen 00T before only 00V so i'm not sure what the T would stand for...
  8. T for tonkamama or timeless j/k :smile:
  9. Bevyofpurses ~ what a clever thought & quick thinking... I like that!!! :roflmfao: It is getting really late here & I hope I can still go to :sleepy: after reading your post....

    I will take some pic of this handbag with the Chanel tag showing 00T xxxx .... hope someone can solve the mystery BTW I just checked the receipt and I bought it from Chanel boutique not NM back in year 2000.
  10. great insights you all have offered, thanks.
  11. I'm learning the alphabets all over again.. :biggrin:
  12. THank you ! you guys rocks!
  13. Great to learn the alphabet
  14. Below is pic of my denim classic flap sticker # starts with 605xxxx ~ made in France ~ Can someone review the season code and advise? All I can think of is "T" stands for Trunk Show??

  15. The "T" stands for Transition Collection. So 00T would mean the year 2000 Chanel Transition Collection.