Season 3 of Rob & Big!

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  1. Any other Rob & Big fans? A new season begins tonight; January 8th! I'm excited. I love this show and laugh almost entirely throughout each episode. :lol:

    :heart: Meaty & Mini Horse. Supposidly they have a new guest this season; who is a female and very small. Hmmm :confused1:
  2. yay!! something to watch tonight!! i love this show. it's so ridiculous and just a show for a good laugh and good time!!!
  3. I love this show too! I can't wait!!
  4. Last night's episode had me laughing soooo hard!

    I love how Rob kept saying he pictured himself "beefier" in the mural, and when he was singing along to Enrique Iglesias...too funny!
  5. I love mini horse!
  6. I like how they mentioned the riblets again. Seriously the whole incident with the pool was disgusting.
  7. I've only seen this show a few times, but they seem like pretty awesome guys, and plus, any guy who has a mini horse he loves is good in my books!
  8. I adore Rob and Big. They have so much fun and aren't afraid of letting people know that they are good friends. Can't wait to watch their new season of fun!
  9. I love Rob and Big! They're the most unlikely twosome and they're just so funny. I wish I was friends with them, they seem really fun. Plus, I want to play with mini horse!
  10. Mr Puff and I wish they were both our close personal friends, who would come to visit us and we would all engage in hijinks.
  11. I know, they look like they'd be so much fun to hang out with. I've seen the first episode, with the dodey and the pool :lol:, whatever they spell it. So funny. :roflmfao: and I love how Rob is always making up songs for everything he wants to say, :roflmfao: I do it sometimes too :shame:
  12. LOL Me too! Rob talks a lot like I think, except I think in 3rd person past tense narrative, but other than that, listening to him has a definite eerieness...
  13. I had never seen this until I saw the 'mystery pool dumper' episode. Damn, that was hilarious, every minute! HAHAHA! But I did miss the very end, who ended up being the culprit?
  14. ^^^ That is still a mystery. But everybody got to have fun with the netgun.

    I bet sales of netguns have skyrocketed. I want one.
  15. ^Haha, yes I want a net gun too now!