searle 20% off

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  1. If you use the word celebrate, you'll get 20% off at Expires 12/17.
  2. I returned a dress (within the week I recieved it) that I used the coupon code on and they would only grant store credit even though the item was not a sale item. I was told that I was lucky they were taking it back at all. Apparently just using the coupon code makes an item "a sale item" (read the fine print). I've had a pretty bad experience customer-service wise with their internet manager too. They have a nice selection of clothes but I would think twice about ordering from the site. :yucky:
  3. Searle has the worst customer service and help in surprise they are difficult on line as well. THe only decent staff is at the Searle on 3rd Ave up from Bloomies...maybe 64th. St.
  4. sad to say that i agree with the above. the only exception i've found is "ruth" who is (hope she's still there) @ 5th ave. btween 20th and 21st, i believe... she was great, knowledgable, patient, great taste, and not tryng to sell just to sell.
  5. I actually pass two Searles twice a day and rarely go in because of their is a shame and if I were the owner I would work on hiring better sales help.
  6. my best friend works @ one :sad: i hope she hasnt been rude to anyone!