Searching the Coach site

  1. I browsed the Coach site for the "ergo" and various other bags that you ladies have mentioned, but they don't show up. Yet, when I do a search for the key word, I find loads of fun new things! So far I've come across the Ergos, the watercolor items, and a new scarf. I don't have a catalog, and I love seeing the newest items!

    Any other suggestions for search terms? This is only fueling my want for more Coach...:yes:

  2. Ergo and Watercolor won't show up on the site until they are "officially" released, which is in April.

    However, some fun searches I have done:

    by color (red, green, blue, purple, black, white, brown)
  3. Also, if you just want to browse, the catalog is on the website. Just go to the bottom of any page, where they have several links in red, and click on "catalog request". Then click on "see our online catalog" (under the girl with the perfume on her head) and you can look through it page by page. Just click on the pictures to bring you to the individual items.
  4. Put watercolor in search. 7 items come up.

    You have to put in either item numbers or a key descriptor for items available Apr 1. Some items show up and some won't. ie the watercolor wallet only shows up under item # - which I found via this forum and a link to an eBay auction with the item number in it.
  5. Thanks, guys! Great to see the catalog, and I'm having fun with the search terms. Now I can see so many views of that Ergo I'm dying for...
  6. How long does it usually take to get a catalog in the mail?