Searching...Searching...Picture of JPG Birkin Denim w/ Ebene?

  1. Hi Everyone,

    i have been searching for the past hour or so for pics of a denim jpg birkin with dark brown trimming (ebene, etc.)...and nothing! I found pics of the denim with gold but nothing darker.

    Today I was remembering a fantastic miu miu bag I had several yrs ago that had dark denim, calf hair at the top edge and dark brown leather handles.. I LOVED this bag...used it with everything. So started thinking shouldn't i get something similar in the brand I love most?

    The denim also appeals to me since it won't get dirty easily and it makes the jpg slightly lighter I imagine.

    If you have any pics of this combo in your archives PLEASE post. Thoughts on this combo are very welcomed also!! Thanks!:flowers:
  2. Hi LuxChic -- Its trimmed w/ barenia actually and whitebirkin has one in her incredible collection and she has generously shared pictures with us. I pasted the link below.

    It was a special runway edition made around 2003 maybe but I am sure that you could SO it.
  3. Thx MrsM! This combo is also stunning.
  4. I know isnt i lovely? LOVE JPGs