Searching... no luck :( Chloe Paddington Flats?

  1. I have been searching high and low for a pair of Chloe Paddington flats to no avail. I can find plenty of the moccasin style, but I have my heart set on the smooth rounded toe style, not sure of the name. I just lost out on a pair on eBay and I'm SO sad :crybaby: . I've checked lots of websites but can't find them. Are they discontinued? Anyone know where I can track some down?

    Also, are there a lot of fake Chloe shoes on eBay?
  2. Can you post a pic? I know Saks in Troy, MI had some but I'm not sure if it the same style you are talking about.
  3. here is a pic of the toe, borrowed from my lost eBay auction :sad:
  4. No, I'm sorry, those are not the shoes they have. Good luck and if I run across them I will let you know.
  5. Thank you, that's really sweet!
  6. Never seen them anywhere, but they are really cute!
  7. Maybe I should try posting this in the Chloe section of the board?
  8. Good idea. I'm sure someone over there would know where to find these.
  9. There are some on Net a Porter and Barneys has the perforated flat . . .
  10. omg! those are lovely! I'd love a pair in cream or white.
  11. Matches fashion online used to have some pairs...not sure if they still do though...