Searching my "Perfect" Bag

  1. Hi everyone!

    I am on the never-ending quest to find the perfect bags (preferably under 2500 each)..

    1st style: no small bags, but none too ginormous either, age-appropriate (about to be 21), i could wear it everyday if i wanted to (which means nothing exotic or crazy), can't be too bland, i love details!! and most importantly, i need to be able to wear it with jeans and a teeshirt, just hanging with friends.. and when i'm in a slightly more formal environment..

    so ultimately, i'm thinking it's going to be a mix between a slouchy bag and a really structured one... i'm thinking black bc that's always a classic, and what i have in mind is the elusive mk and ashley vintage one with the thick chain straps

    2nd style: something yellow, blue, purple, or that beigy blush.. but this bag i want a more simple, classic shape (so probably the flaps or a tote or something?)

    Can anyone match bags to those descriptions? if so, can you tell me the name/price/where available? haha, sorry, i know i'm being a big pain. but i'd appreciate anything you guys can offer!!!

    as a very last sidenote, i just wanted to declare my obsession with this forum bc i just took a sleeping pill and am about to fall asleep on my laptop, but i still NEEDED to see what you ladies were up to :shame: hahaa
  2. may be a luxe bowler for the first style and either PST/GST for your second style? Check out this thread for Luxe Bowlers, or search 'bowler' there are many colors to choose from, also post # 16 and #19 in this thread for PST, not sure about the price, but i know GST is around 1795.
  3. As for a bag fitting the 1st style, I recommend the Cloudy Bundle North-South tote -- it's IMO the perfect "mix between a slouchy bag and a really structured one"....and very much a timeless piece that won't go out of style. When I first saw a standalone photo of the bag it didn't appeal to me (I even thought of it as too old-ladyish), but seeing it IRL sealed the deal for me. And if you see how Rachel Bilson totes it, it really is an everyday bag that fits a lot of outfits. I also love the fact that the Cloudy Bundle doesn't scream Chanel (if you KWIM?)'s Chanel without screaming it out in obvious logoes, etc., and IMO that's more fitting for a college environment (where a lot of people are probably toting stuff plastered with logoes). If what you're looking for is a bag that fits legal files (or 8.5x11 documents) or large books, that's not going to do it.....but it is a great everyday bag. Retail is $2295. It also comes in a gorgeous beige color, coral pink, and a dark green. The black is hard-to-find now but so worth it. Surely won't see too many people with the black N-S one out there! Good luck!
  4. ^ITA - Good recommendation. Perfect combination of structure and squishy.
  5. Welcome dukechickie!

    Nice avatar. My husband is a N.Y./N.J. native who graduated from Duke (but a long time ago), so we have something in common.

    I'm thinking that a young Blue Devil like you needs a casual blue bag. How about the Baby Cabas in navy? Or one of the new Cotton Clubs that just came out--there's a small tote, a larger tote, and a bowler. (I haven't seen this shade of blue IRL, though, so I can't tell you if its close to Duke blue.) Chanel doesn't do blue bags very often, so you should jump on one of these!

    These pics borrowed from kittenslingerie, NL3181, and wintotty.



    Navy Baby Cabas from kittenslingerie.jpg Cotton Club from NL3181.jpg Cotton Club 2 from NL3181.jpg Cotton Club from wintotty.jpg
  6. Thanks guys for all your suggestions!! The Cloudy Bundle line is certainly intriguing me.. but I think I'd have to try it on (I think I like the east-west one shown in the Ref Lib)

    cosmopolitan- yay for duke graduates! i hope your husband is keeping up with our basketball team (um maybe not this season though)! and yes definitely a blue (perhaps even duke blue) bag is the way to go!

    is there anything out that is remotely similar to MK and Ashley's vintage tote? I'm so in love with it, it's hard not to compare everything with that bag when I'm hunting.. haha

    Thanks again guys!!
  7. Are you kidding? Every winter, we have to plan our entire life around the Duke basketball schedule. But I don't mind. ;)

    In all seriousness, perhaps a good way for you to go would be to get one of the casual blue Chanel bags that I suggested, plus a dressier (even classic) black Chanel for more-formal events that you can wear long beyond graduation.

    Good luck.