SEARCHING - Large (2.77) Grey Reissue

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  1. Ok, now I'm thinking that I MUST have a large grey reissue--I think I've been seeing too many photos of people with the bag :lol:

    I'd really prefer to buy the bag from NM since I can get points on my NM card towards a gc. Please let me know if you've seen it and where!

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Check out the WTS forum... someone is selling hers!
  3. Thanks, but I think she's wanting more than retail.... And I'd really prefer to just buy the bag through a store
  4. I think there is one at the NM in Atlanta and one at the Saks in Atlanta. If you call Saks, please ask for Ashley. I talked to her about the grey reissue just this past Monday, 2 days ago.
  5. Thanks Savannah! Unfortunately the one at NM was sold yesterday :sad2:

    The SA I talked to is trying to hunt one down for me though... I'd like to go through them since with double points coming up, I could get a $125 gc!
  6. I just bought my grey reissue from Saks Atlanta and my SA was Ashley. She also mentioned that they had two large grey reissues in the back unopened and the one on display. I bought one so there should be one left in the box untouched, that is if no one has bought one since then.

    I definitely recommend Saks Atlanta for anyone in Canada thinking of buying a reissue. They sent it out last Thursday and it arrived Friday morning ... unfortunately customs held it so I wasn't able to receive until Monday. However, Saks only charged me $25US for shipping and that was next day international shipping. I thought that was pretty good because I have ordered thru NM before but never received the item the next day.

    wickedassin - You will love the large grey. I have never seen this size IRL so I was worried it would be too big. It's actually the perfect size for me ... I really love:love: this bag!
  7. try the Neimans in Plano, TX at The Shops of Willowbend.
    They had the grey Med and black Large last time I was there. It was a while ago, but it's worth a shot!
  8. Keep it coming ladies!

    Thanks so much for the info asl_bebes! If I can't find the bag through NM, I'll definitely call that Saks and ask for Ashley.

    Thanks Swanky! I really want the large in grey--just keeping my fingers crossed that this SA finds one!
  9. I'd call anyhow, don't depend on an SA that's getting interrupted by shoppers!
    Stock changes so often, it's worth a try.

    Good luck!
  10. Good point! I'll definitely call the stores where people have recently seen reissues period. You never know what's out there. Apparently NM will pull bags for "reticketing" so they're out floating in the store, but can't be sold yet cause they're getting a new ticket. :evil: That's so silly!!! I'll keep searching :P
  11. Thank you Swanky for encouraging me to call around!!! Short Hills has the bag! It's all boxed up and will be shipped out to me either on the 5th or 6th so that I can get my double NM Incircle points!!! I'm so excited. Now I just have to wait for the days to go by.
  12. YAY!! Congrats, be sure to post pictures!
  13. OH YEA!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see pics!!!
  14. Congrats ... remember to post pics!