Searching for Twice Monogram!

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  1. I am on a search for a Twice Monogram. I'd ordered through my SA, but was told last week that he was told by distributor that it is discontinued and not one is available in the US. WHY??? I am going the website route, but do not feel certain that the person taking my order (and charge info) had full info. (She told me two to four weeks.) Now my question is, can I really count on it coming? And if it is discontinued (the monogram, both noir and red), why would they do that? It seems like a great, everyday bag.
  2. My SA told me (and I posted about it a couple of weeks ago) that the Black/Monogram twice was being discontinued and that there were only a couple left in the US at that time. She was very surprised too.
  3. Oh wow, good thing I snagged this bag back in December. OP I hope you find one. If not there is always the preloved market.
  4. Dang....I wonder if sales weren't enough to continue production? Or it just LV new strategy of offering new products for a certain time frame like less than 2 year.
  5. I'm wondering about this too. Maybe a combination of both? It seems like so many bags come and go quickly.
  6. Wow I'm shocked. =( I'll keep my fingers crossed you get one.
  7. I wonder if they will also consider Empreinte leather and DE version to be on the chopping block soon? :wondering
  8. I was so surprised too. I was thinking about getting one, and I love the Mono. I wonder if it's because the Empreinte one is more popular? I bet the DE one will be discontinued too. I don't think it's very popular.
  9. Wow! So glad to have the mono/noir. Can't believe they would discontinue this!!!

    I would call back and double check they have your info.
  10. I called client services last week looking for the noir/monogram and was told it had been retired. But the empreinte is still available. I really hate I missed out on a new one. I will keep my eye out for a preloved one.
  11. OMG it's one available now online. I can't get it because I bought the Bloomsbury last week since it wasn't available.
  12. Update: I waited a week and called website. They could not find record of my order! Luckily, I had the name of woman who took my order, but she was not there. They then put me on hold for a while, and then told me there was only ONE in the US that had just come available, but it was red. (I'd ordered noir.) I immediately said, "I'll take it!" They connected me with New Orleans, and now I know for sure this Twice is on its way.

    It really looks like the perfect style and size for the city and so glad I was persistent. I've never worked so hard for a bag! I still can't understand why they'd retire it.
  13. That's so crazy to retire this bag so quickly. Is it all colors or just noir/monogram?
  14. So glad you are getting one! Enjoy it!
  15. There is a noir on eBay as of today.
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